Reflections on Planned Giving

Family Ties

“My sister is a St. Andrew’s graduate, my daughter attended St. Andrew’s, I have two nieces and a nephew at St. Andrew’s, and I served on the board of trustees and as a sponsor of the dance team. My parents set the example for giving to the school. They were very involved in fund-raising for St. Andrew’s. In fact, my father passed away recently, and we asked that memorials be made to the school. With all of those family ties to St. Andrew’s, it was important to me to support the school financially. Giving through a life insurance policy enabled me to give a larger gift than if I had made an outright cash donation.” — Brenda Bethany

A Gift Today for St. Andrew’s Future

Jeff and Patty Christie have been active supporters of St. Andrew’s since their son, Cadden ’11 and daughter, Cody (Class of 2015), became St. Andrew’s students in 2003. With their younger child’s graduation just two short years away, the Christies made a gift today for St. Andrew’s long-term future. The couple took out a life insurance policy benefitting the St. Andrew’s Touchstone Endowment, making them the newest members of the Legacy League.

“St. Andrew’s is not as old as some other independent schools of our caliber nationwide, and by comparison, our endowment is not as substantial,” Patty Christie said. “It was important to us to support the endowment so that funds will be available for scholarships and to meet the school’s critical needs for years to come. A gift of life insurance represents a small investment now for a big payoff later.”

The Touchstone Endowment provides for St. Andrew’s ongoing and future needs. Gifts to the endowment are invested, with the investment income used to fund scholarships for deserving students, provide continuing education for faculty, and support a number of programs at St. Andrew’s. Donors may designate a gift to benefit a specific area of interest, or make an unrestricted gift to endowment, meaning the funds will be used where the need is greatest. The Touchstone Endowment includes current gifts specified for its support, as well as planned gifts like the one made by Jeff and Patty Christie.

“St. Andrew’s has been wonderful for our children, and has made them into the people they are and will become,” Patty Christie said. “We hope our gift will strengthen St. Andrew’s and help make that happen for future students.”

Like Mother, Like Son

When Helen DeFrance told her son she had decided to remember his school in her estate planning, the ninth grader’s response surprised her.


“I want to leave St. Andrew’s a gift, too,” Martin DeFrance told his mother. “St. Andrew’s has been good to me and I want to give something back.”


Martin has attended other schools, but truly found his niche when he en-rolled in St. Andrew’s in the seventh grade. A gifted musician with an equal passion for theatre, Martin is active in the band, theatre tech, and other performing arts programs at St. Andrew’s. Along with his mother, Martin made a planned gift to St. Andrew’s, specifying that his gift be used to enhance the school’s performing arts programs. St. Andrew’s has also encouraged Helen DeFrance’s talents; she teaches cooking classes at the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools.


“St. Andrew’s has not only challenged Martin academically and nurtured his artistic talents, but has also genuinely cared about him as a person,” says Helen DeFrance. “I’m a single parent, and while Martin and I have a large, wonderful extended family here, we wanted a school that would be more than just a school. Martin and I have both found a home at St. Andrew’s.”


“I have better friends at St. Andrew’s. There’s not a cool group or a loser group here – instead, everyone is accepted,” Martin says. “I’ve made better friends here and I have teachers who are supportive and encourage me. St. Andrew’s is not just my school. St. Andrew’s is my community.”

Another Source Of Income

“Along with generations of other parents, my husband and I have helped fund operations at St. Andrew’s through tuition, the Annual Fund, and periodic capital campaigns,” former St. Andrew’s board chair Ellen Leake says. “But during my tenure as a trustee, I saw that to adequately pay competitive salaries, attract and retain outstanding students, and enhance programs and physical facilities, we needed to build our endowment to provide another source of income. We see our gift to the endowment as helping take a little of the pressure off of all tuition-paying families.”

Thinking Globally, Giving Locally

Grace and Shinn Lee have strong ties to St. Andrew’s. The Lees are the parents of two St. Andrew’s alumni, Wellington ’97 and Edmund ’04, and Grace Lee is a former board member. But when the Lees decided to create a bequest in their will for St. Andrew’s, their decision was influenced by more than just their personal ties to the school. As president of Trilogy Communications, Inc., Grace Lee sees St. Andrew’s as vital to the future of Mississippi.

“When I was on the board in the 1990s, globalization was identified as one of the critical issues, and look where we are today,” Grace Lee says. “Shinn and I were so impressed when our vice president of sales’ children, a kindergartener and first grader at St. Andrew’s, recently greeted us in Chinese Mandarin. St. Andrew’s is so far ahead of all other schools in Mississippi in preparing our children to be well-versed in all cultures and prepared for the global business world.

“A bequest is the best way to increase the endowment fund with the lowest cost alternative to donors,” Lee continues. “Donors who create a bequest to the school give St. Andrew’s ongoing funds to continue to do wonderful things.”

Insuring St. Andrew’s Success

David and Patsy Marsh are the parents of two Alpha Omega graduates, Anna ’02 and David ’07. The Marshes have been active volunteers at St. Andrew’s, where David is currently serving his third term on the board of trustees. Recently, the Marshes found yet another way to support the school their entire family has come to love – a life insurance policy that names St. Andrew’s as the beneficiary.

“We actually never thought of using life insurance as a gift until someone in the advancement office mentioned it,” David Marsh says. “A life insurance policy is an easy, affordable way to make a significant contribution that will help insure the success of St. Andrew’s down the road.

“We support St. Andrew’s because we realize that our children benefited greatly from the vision and generosity of those who came before us,” Marsh continues. “We sincerely hope that our contribution will play a part in maintaining the environment at St. Andrew’s that was so special to our family.”

Giving Ad Infinitum

Ad infinitum is Latin for “without end” or “forever and ever.” That’s just the kind of gift Alison Phillips has made in honor of her husband, Dr. Jim Phillips. Alison has left a gift to St. Andrew’s in her will that establishes an endowment in Jim’s name dedicated to the support of Latin studies.


??“St. Andrew’s was a big part of Jim’s life,” Alison says, “and as a former teacher, I have been personally impressed with St. Andrew’s. The St. Andrew’s endowment is not as large as that at some other, comparable schools, but St. Andrew’s does so much with it. I wanted to honor Jim and could think of no better way than to support the school and a program that has meant so much to him.”


??A 1977 graduate of St. Andrew’s and a former Alumnus of the Year, Jim credits St. Andrew’s and former teacher Ruth Butler with instilling in him a love of Latin that has benefited him throughout his career as a doctor. Jim’s daughter Megan, Class of 2011, has inherited his passion for Latin, making Alison’s gift even more meaningful.??


“My parents gave me the gift of a St. Andrew’s education,” Jim says. “Unlike other gifts, that one has never gone away and has never stopped giving. Now, my wife has given me another kind of lasting gift, one that honors me, but will ultimately help someone else. It’s the best kind of gift I could imagine.”

Steady Giving In A Tumultuous Economy

Joe and Karen Powell’s involvement in St. Andrew’s dates back to before they were married, when Joe’s younger sister was a St. Andrew’s student and the couple’s dates often revolved around events at the school. As the years went by, the Powells’ connection to St. Andrew’s only deepened. The couple’s children, Erin and Joe, both graduated from St. Andrew’s. Joe served as the chairman of the board of trustees and on the finance committee and Karen was a hands-on volunteer in many capacities, including in the Middle School office.

The Powells have been strong supporters of St. Andrew’s, contributing to the Annual Fund and the capital campaign to build the Center for Performing Arts. The Powells have also made a gift to the future of the school when they purchased a life insurance policy and named St. Andrew’s its beneficiary.

“This was the right type of gift in the current economy. An insurance policy allows us to make a more substantial gift to St. Andrew’s without taking that amount out of our available funds today,” Joe Powell says. “The school won’t receive the benefit right away, but by putting this gift in place, we’re providing for future generations at St. Andrew’s.”

Powell compares the couple’s gift to “planting a tree.” It might begin as a seedling today, but it will grow to provide shade for the next generation.

“This was the right type of gift in the current economy. An insurance policy allows us to make a more substantial gift to St. Andrew’s without taking that amount out of our available funds today. The school won’t receive the benefit right away, but by putting this gift in place, we’re providing for future generations at St. Andrew’s.” — Joe and Karen Powell

Planning Ahead

As the former chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Deposit Guaranty Corp. and Deposit Guaranty National Bank, Bud Robinson knows the importance of planning ahead. As part of his estate planning, Robinson included a generous bequest to the Touchstone Endowment at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in his will.

“Historically, the greatest growth in endowments at private or independent educational institutions is through wills and estates,” Robinson says. “Many of us make ongoing contributions to these schools and are giving as much as we can in the present. Looking to the future, we want our estates to allow these great institutions to continue to operate at even higher levels. It’s my hope that this bequest will help do that for St. Andrew’s.”

Robinson has a personal connection to St. Andrew’s as a parent of alumni, current grandparent, and former trustee, but he also sees the value of St. Andrew’s to the community from a businessman’s perspective.

 “As the CEO at Deposit Guaranty, I saw that one of the critical elements in recruiting new employees was having an outstanding school available for their children,” Robinson says. “Having an institution like St. Andrew’s is an important asset for our entire community.”

A Generous Gift Tomorrow For A Small Price Today

Taylor Triplett ’05 longed to make a meaningful gift to St. Andrew’s Episcopal School. Just three years out of college and working to build a career as a financial services professional with New York Life Insurance Company, Triplett found a way to make a generous gift without breaking his current budget. Triplett took out a life insurance policy and named St. Andrew’s Episcopal School as the policy’s owner and beneficiary.

“Life insurance was a unique way for me to leave a legacy,” Triplett says. “Because of my age and health, I’m able to leave the school with a large gift that is very affordable and provides me with a tax deduction. My legacy will be a locked-in stream of future income for St. Andrew’s, ensuring that our children, grandchildren, and further generations can continue to grow and prosper thanks to the educational experience available at St. Andrew’s.”

Triplett chose to make his gift an unrestricted endowment, explaining that he preferred that his gift be used in the area in which it will have the most impact. “While I deeply cherish certain aspects of my time at St. Andrew’s, the school as a whole is what shaped me. I want my gift to support St. Andrew’s in whatever way is most immediate and necessary, regardless of which department may benefit from my legacy.

“St. Andrew’s is a place that develops character through the urging of thinking, questioning, and participating, not only in the classroom, but also in your community and in life,” Triplett continues. “From an early age, we Saints are taught to value others, to be honest members of our society, and to dedicate ourselves to excellence in every endeavor. It is because of these core values that I am now in a position to give back to the school. While I could never fully repay my parents’ sacrifice or St. Andrew’s guidance, I hope this gift will at least display my eternal gratitude.”

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