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    Sarah Spann 

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator, Assistant Varsity Girls Basketball Coach
    (601) 853-6000
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    Przemek Tokarski 

    Director of Together Saints
    (601) 853-6021

Director of Together Saints

As we considered the wide array of skills one might need to lead Together Saints, it became clear that a love for St. Andrew’s, trust within our community, an insatiable desire to grow, an ability to lead by example, extraordinary organizational skills, follow through, and a proven track record of leading were essential. Mr. Przemek Tokarski has been selected as the Director of Together Saints, and in this role, he will partner with Ms. Sarah Spann, Coordinator of Diversity and Inclusion.

Together Saints Leadership Team

In an effort to identify ways in which St. Andrew’s can continue to grow its Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, Head of School Tom Sheppard engaged in numerous conversations over the course of the summer of 2020. From these conversations with members of the Board of Trustees, the Senior Leadership Team, the Alumni Board of Directors, the St. Andrew’s Parents’ Association, and numerous individual members of our community grew a plan to create a working group of those who will lead the school’s efforts, identifying next steps and implementing new ideas.
School administrators and trustees worked together to identify the leaders for the school’s effort as we work toward fulfilling our vision of being a beacon of inclusion. After much reflection and with a desire to create a group of leaders from across the St. Andrew’s community, the following leaders emerged:
Joyce Cole-Marion Seetha Srinivasan
Colin Dunnigan Terri Turner
Marty Kelly ‘03
Working Group Members
Hailey Allin Alisa Hill ‘21 Nancy Rivas
Advikaa Anand ‘22 Raymond Huang ‘22 Wesley Saylor
Jackson Bataille ‘21 Lulu Intan Ngo John Spann ‘08
Charletta Scott-Bennett Burney King Sarah Spann
Dawn Bishop McLin ‘92 Dwight Luckett Avery Stallings ‘22
Bradford Blackmon ‘07 Karla McCullough Carrie Stallings ‘15
Junko Bramlett Yahya Naveed ‘21 Ruthie Taylor ‘05
Robert Farr ‘01 Andrew Neely ‘96 Madison Word ‘23
Anna Frame ‘99 George Penick Hart Wylie
William Harkless ‘19 Chuck Poole Kally Xu ‘17

Milestones for Together Saints:
  • July 9, 2020: Organizational meeting for Together Saints Leadership Team
  • July 10, 2020: Together Saints announced to St. Andrew’s community
  • July 23, 2020: Together Saints Leadership Team meeting to finalize partnerships with community resources, discuss process to consider nominations of working group members, and refine the goals of Together Saints
  • July 31, 2020: Nominees for working group notified of nomination and asked if they wish to be considered
  • August 6 and 11: Together Saints Leadership Team meeting to select Together Saints Working Group members
  • September 1: Together Saints Leadership Team and Working Group held their first meeting facilitated by a team of diversity and inclusion professionals from our partners at the William Winter Institute, creating an important foundation for the work ahead.
  • October 8: As we continue to shape a path forward for Together Saints, the Together Saints Leadership Team and Working Group met on October 8. Our diversity and inclusion partners at the William Winter Institute served as facilitators to activities that required personal and collective reflection.  Building on the foundation established at our initial meeting, the group looked more deeply at challenges to inclusion and equity, explored ways of addressing dissonance, and reaffirmed commitments to this important work.
  • November 11-12: Members of Together Saints had meetings that were optional and additional to the four that are scheduled with the staff of the Winter Institute. The meetings were scheduled for 90 minutes and at different times on each evening. The Leadership Team attended both, and subgroups were comprised of students, faculty, parents, and alums. Subgroups further explored issues brought up at gatherings of the full group, allowing for deeper discussion. The exchange of views was robust, candid, and respectful. The additional insights that the evenings’ conversations yielded will serve to underscore the efforts of Together Saints as it moves forward in its work to build a more perfect union.
  • December 15: The Together Saints Working Group held its fourth meeting of the fall on December 15.  While this will be the last scheduled meeting of the full group, the work they and we have undertaken continues.  At our meeting, the team from the William Winter Institute led our Working Group members through a series of powerful community-building exercises.  We then turned our attention to refining a series of proposed strategic objectives, which are intended to help St. Andrew’s continue its growth in all matters related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.  After collecting extensive feedback from the Working Group, the Leadership Team has now begun the process of reflecting upon that feedback and finalizing the objectives before forwarding them to the Board of Trustees for their consideration. Once the Trustees have had an opportunity to consider the recommendations from Together Saints, we will provide the Saints’ community with an update regarding the next steps in our journey.

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