SAPA's Mission

Promoting a closer cooperation and unity of spirit among parents, faculty, and students by involving and enabling all parents to be of service to the school and the community.

What is SAPA?

The St. Andrew’s Parents’ Association, more commonly referred to as SAPA, is an energetic, active organizational community made up of all parents of St. Andrew’s students. Our purpose is to facilitate parental understanding of the school’s goals and achievements, and to provide enrichment, parental support, and financial assistance to all aspects of the school.
SAPA has three major fundraisers each year: Farm to Table, Arts on the Green, and Starry Night.  These events collectively raised over $170,000 last year, and those funds will directly support our school where tuition proceeds fall short.  SAPA provides the school with both tangible goods, such as new furniture, supplies, and signage, as well intangible support, such as providing payment for speakers at upper school assemblies and providing funds for parent functions.  SAPA contributes to the annual fund, and has pledged $40,000 a year to Forward Saints for the next five years.
Additionally, SAPA funds also support several community outreach efforts and events, including: Earth Angels, Safe Saints, Faculty Hospitality, the Used Uniform and Book Sale, Classroom and Grade parties, and Back to School Night.  These smaller efforts and events, which are entirely produced through the efforts of SAPA volunteers, strengthen our school and community, and provide wonderful opportunities for interaction with teachers and school leaders.

SAPA recognizes that we are a diverse group of parents with different talents, interests, and time commitments: some of us work outside the home, others not; some of us run our own businesses or manage busy practices, and others have full schedules ferrying children from one extracurricular activity to another.  Regardless of personal situation, opportunities abound for support and involvement in the SAPA community.
For those of you who have volunteered with SAPA in the past, thank you – your support is critical to the success of St. Andrew’s!  For those of you who’ve yet to join participate in SAPA, please join us in making the best school in Mississippi even better!

Get Involved

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SAPA Fundraisers

Starry Night is the annual SAPA parent party, showcasing the diversity of the St. Andrew’s community through food, music, and décor. SA families and friends host tables that represent a favorite destination, style of cuisine, or family heritage, providing tasting portions of characteristic dishes.  The evening is an opportunity to mingle with other parents, and to experience all of the different cultures that represent the St. Andrew’s tapestry of life.
SAPA’s biggest fundraiser each year is Arts on the Green, a family festival held each spring and boasting something for everyone: a children’s green with activities for kids of all ages; a student fashion show; a garden tea party; artisan craft booths; auction with baskets of goodies contributed by each grade; and so much more!  Arts on the Green is open to everyone, so make plans now to bring your friends and family to this community centered event with a global focus.
Starry Night and Arts on the Green raised over $87,000 for St. Andrew’s in 2019.


Now in its 8th year, Farm to Table is a multi-course food and wine feast highlighting locally sourced ingredients prepared by a nationally recognized chef. Past events have featured the executive chefs from Blackberry Farm, Seafood R'evolution, City Grocery, and Walker’s Drive-In – this year’s F2T will be no exception!
Farm to Table raised over $39,000 for St. Andrew’s in 2019.

2019-20 Leadership

SAPA Executive Board
Chair – Erin McCain
Chair-Elect – Joyce Marion
Past Chair – Mary Purvis
Secretary – Lori Marshall
Treasurer – Karla McCullough
Treasurer-Elect – Anna Peterson
Communications – Molly Walker
Fundraising Coordinator – Lindsay Hamm
Community Liaison – Susan Murphy
Admissions Liaison – Whitney Raju
Diversity and Inclusion Liaison – Daniel Ball
Lower School Coordinator – Miranda Hamilton
Lower School Co-Coordinator – Mona Graham
Middle School Coordinator – Sarah Adams
Middle School Co-Coordinator – Blakely Fender
Upper School Coordinator – Inglish Devoss
Upper School Co-Coordinator – Suzy Everett

Grade Coordinators
PK3 Coordinator – Heather Ward
PK4 Coordinator – Jean Bertas
K Coordinator – Jane Harkins
1st Grade Coordinator – Katie Black
2nd Grade Coordinator – Tanya Ellis
3rd Grade Coordinator – Sarah Bentley
4th Grade Coordinator – Robyn Pollack
5th Grade Coordinator – Hazel Weatherspoon
6th Grade Coordinator – Kay Whittington
7th Grade Coordinator – Stephanie Poulson
8th Grade Coordinator – Liza Booth
9th Grade Coordinator – Michelle Lewis
10th Grade Coordinator – Erin Chevalier
11th Grade Coordinator – Laney Watkins
12th Grade Coordinator – Renee Ebner & Holly Wiggs

Arts on the Green
Chair – Bethany Farr
Co-Chair – Mary Clift Abdalla
Chair-Elect – Miranda Hamilton
Artisans' Village Chair – Ann Seale
Entrepreneurial Alley Chair – Heather Ragsdale
Entrepreneurial Alley Co-Chair – Lacey Bergin
Auction Chair – Leah Hendrx
Auction Co-Chair – Aimee Garner
Student Art Chair – Laura Miller
Teachers Treasures Chair – Jessica Shafer
Children's Green Chair – Amanda Runnels
Children's Green Co-Chair – Katie Black
Community Outreach Chair – Davetta Lee
Community Outreach Co-Chair – Paula Morgan
Main Stage Chair – Sarah Bentley
Main Stage C-Chair – Shanda Yates
Fashion Show Chair – Megan Allen
Corporate Sponsor Chair – Jordan Bryan
Corporate Sponsor Co-Chair – Sarah Sterling
Finance Chair (SAPA Treasurer-Elect) – Anna Peterson
Promotions Chair – Blythe Lollar
Promotions Co-Chair – Lauren VanLandingham
Social Media Chair – Megan James
Posters Chair – Miranda Hamilton
T-shirt Chair – Melissa Cefalu
Starry Night Chair – Lindsay Hamm
Starry Night Co-Chair – Crystal Skelton
Cultural Hosts Chairs – Elizabeth Boone and Hailey Allin
Staging Chair – Jane Harkins
Staging Co-Chair – Tamara Hoppe
Tickets Chair – Dominika Parry
Tickets Co-Chair – Shari Cook
Volunteer Chair – Dorothy Wofford
Volunteer Co-Chair – Penny Moore

Farm To Table
Chairs – Shannon & Matthew McLaughlin
Media – Missye Scott
Corporate Sponsor Chair – Kay Whitington
Decorations Chairs – Jasmine Sandhu
Ticket Chair – Davetta Lee
Finance Chair – Anna Peterson

Other SAPA Leaders
Faculty Hosipality Chair – Heather de Delva
LS Faculty Hospitality – Kat Penton & Penny Moore
MS Faculty Hospitality – Rachel Misenar
US Faculty Hospitality – Allyson Strange
LS Earth Angels – Amy Amundson
MS Earth Angels – Monica Patel
US Earth Angels – Karla Foster
Faculty Brunch Chair – Lacey Bergin
Used Book Sale – Elaine Retumbin
MS Uniform Swap – Billie Jo Kent
Social Media Chair – Manisha Patel
Faculty Gifts – Patti Fanning
LS Admissions Liaisons – "Morgan Bryant, Sonia Kaur, Rebecca Dennis"
MS Admissions Liaisons – "Poonam Chaddha, Tara Ellis, Tamina McMillan, Charletta Bennett"
US Admission Liaisons – "Donna Boling, Tobi Brown, Whitney Raju"
LS BTSN – Katie Nelson
MS BTSN – Tobi Brown, Tangela Chambers
US BTSN – Margie Van Meter, Misty Monroe
ECC Garden Chair – Stephanie Sullivan
LS Seasonal Decorations – Jennie Eichelberger, Katy Patrick
MS Seasonal Decorations – Katie Hathcock, Lisa Farley
MS Spirit Night – Mona Reddy
College Fair Chair – Kristi Hendrix
US Seasonal Decorations – Teresa Anderson
US Homecoming Brunch – Catherine Ashy

Grade Specific Events
Kindergarten Fairy Tale Tea Party – Stephanie Tanner
1st Grade Thanksgiving Feast – Jasmine Sandhu
5th Grade Egypt Day – Mary Catherine Blackwell
6th Grade Medieval Breakfast – Rachel Misenar
7th and 8th Grade Winter Dance Chair – Laurie Baldwin
7th and 8th Winter Dance Co-Chair – Lacey Bergin
8th Heifer Reflection – Rhonda Dodd
8th Grade Crossing – Tara Ellis
8th Grade Mosaic Chair – Leigh Barrett
11th Grade Prom Parent Social Chair – Jennifer LaCoste
9th Grade Homecoming Dinner Chair – Jessi Crawford, Donna Bolling

South Campus | PK-3 to Grade 4

4120 Old Canton Road | Jackson, Mississippi 39216
Tel 601.987.9300 | Fax 601.987.9324

North Campus | Grades 5 to 12

370 Old Agency Road | Ridgeland, Mississippi 39157
Tel 601.853.6000 | Fax 601.853.6001