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Alumni Profiles

Christina Spann '09

Mississippi College, bachelor's in social work
Jackson State University, master's in public policy and administration

Occupation: The Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi as a Youth Programs Coordinator for their Reject All Tobacco (RAT®) Program
St. Andrew’s was like home for me—and still is. Starting St. Andrew’s in middle school was a huge change for me coming from a smaller private school. St. Andrew’s challenged me to be a better student and a better person. Once I made it to college and even graduate school, I realized that I was way more prepared academically and even socially. I was able to interact with people from different walks of life which set me a part from many of my peers.
I give a lot of credit to St. Andrew’s for who I am today. I find myself in a profession where I constantly have to show compassion and help others. I was taught that by example from what I learned at St. Andrew’s. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to attend St. Andrew’s and the opportunity to still feel the love and support from a school that I graduated from ALMOST ten years ago.

St. Andrew’s looks at each individual student and celebrates their differences and allows students to find their purpose at a young age. I always say this when explaining to other people about my experience at St. Andrew’s, that it is truly like family. As a student at St. Andrew’s my personal life was not perfect. My mother was sick and I had to carry a lot of that worry and anxiety to school. However, when at school, a lot of that worry and anxiety went away. I remember sitting in an assembly one day at St. Andrew’s and a former alumnus was speaking, she explained that she truly has a family at St. Andrews and started listing her name with the last names of all the teacher and people that have impacted her. That resonated with me, because I could easily say that my name is “Christina Roach Patrick Lewis Walden Chadwick Rivas Arthur Powell Morse Spann”. St. Andrew’s is not only a place for academics, it’s a place where you find your family, you find out that someone is always in your corner, always rooting for you, always praying for you, and most importantly, always loving you.

Alumni Profiles

Davis Woodall '10

Loyola University, bachelor's in music industry studies and a minor in film studies.

Occupation: Assistant Director for films and TV shows in New York. Recently completed the Directors' Guild of America Assistant Directors Training Program. Projects worked on include Blacklist, Elementary, and two films that are set to be released in 2019 - Martin Scorsese's The Irishman and Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix.

St. Andrew’s always respected individuality and autonomy in the students, even from an early age. I remember coming back from Christmas in ninth grade and being surprised with a new policy that would allow un-proctored study halls for ninth graders in good academic standing. I had worked hard the semester before and was granted a spot on the new list of ninth graders free to roam during their free study hall period. It was such a maturing moment for me; not only had my hard work earned recognition I didn’t think I was working toward, but it also showed that I had earned the trust of teachers and administrators to continue working at a high level without someone having to look over my shoulder. Most importantly though I felt respected, and that kept me motivated to continuing working hard for the sake of working hard and not just because someone was watching.

The other side of autonomy is accountability, and I learned a lot of that while playing baseball for Coach Mark Fanning. One of the most organized people I’ve known in my life, Coach Fanning had everything scheduled down to the exact minute. During practices, you always knew where he expected to you to be at any given moment, and if you weren’t there, he’d let you know about it. One time, we were scheduled to have team pictures before practice. Two of the younger players were late, and Coach Fanning gave them an earful about it, at one point saying, “y’all could probably translate the bible from Latin but you can’t show up on time somewhere?” The rest of us were snickering in the back, but he was making a great point that other St. Andrew’s faculty stressed as well: with the extra independence comes a greater expectation that you’ll do what is asked of you. Coach Fanning and St. Andrew’s were preparing us from an early age to be self-disciplined, reliable adults.

The path to my career started in Mr. Kitchings’ Film Studies elective my senior year. Until then I had never thought about filmmaking as a truly creative art form; but once Mr. Kitchings’ taught us to “read” a movie like you would a novel or short story, looking for themes, symbols, and motifs, I began appreciating movies in a whole new way. That elective drove me to take a handful of film courses in college, including technical courses about the logistical steps to actually producing a film. Once I graduated college, I focused my attention on finding work on movie sets and have since established a very rewarding career in the film industry. My love for film and the business of creating can be directly traced back to afternoons in Mr. Kitchings’ classroom, taking notes on camera movement and actor placement in classic movies.

This is the beauty of St. Andrew’s: the focus on the individual student and what makes him or her succeed. I was not the fastest reader, but I really enjoyed my English classes. Having the opportunity to take what I was learning in those classes about understanding a story and applying the same techniques to films opened up a whole new world for me, one in which I eventually built a career. The faculty at St. Andrew’s has an uncanny ability to first pinpoint what makes a student tick and then put him or her in a position to fully realize that potential. Whether it’s athletics, the arts, scientific fields, or any combination thereof, there is are infinite opportunities to succeed and plenty of resources to help a student get there.

The caveat though is that the student has to ultimately make those steps to achieve success, and that’s where St. Andrew’s truly sets itself apart. St. Andrew’s teaches a student not only to succeed, but how to succeed. Independence, maturity, and self-reliance are taught alongside the periodic table and Spanish verb conjugations, so that when students graduate from St. Andrew’s they can continue through life as capable young adults.

Alumni Profiles

Le'Spencer Walker '05

Philadelphia University, bachelor's of science in industrial systems engineering

Occupation: Product Design Engineer/Senior Brand Manager at Target
I have a countless number of memories that forever inspire me in life. In lower school, I was given the ability to explore, learn, and find out who I could be. I was allowed to dream BIG at an early age. In the upper school, I was a senior peer leadership member, Captain of the soccer team, and class president of my class 4 years. I was honored to serve in that role as president and took it very seriously because each one of my classmates were family members to me. I also played at least 3 sports year round up until junior year; football, basketball, soccer, track and field. All of my coaches made a positive impact on my character. My love for science and math grew from the amazing classes that I attended at SA. One classes that I found tremendously special was my physics and astronomy classes. In those classes you could dream and see further than you can imagine. I also was always involved in the performing arts. I was a member of the “Into the Woods” 2005 cast as the Big Bad Wolf. Being on stage performing in that musical, showed me how to be fearless. At SA, the exploration of all things creative and scientific showed me it can bring such fulfillment to your life! Special thanks to my sports coaches,my theatre director Ray McFarland, science and math teachers and special advisor Tara Washington

Once I realized my love for science, math, theatre, and leadership, I was able to take on any opportunity knowing I was capable of achieving anything. I never performed in a musical before. I’d performed short plays in front on small audiences and the yearly lower school plays but this in the CPA, it was big time! I made a deal with one of my classmates, who had an amazing voice that everyone had to hear, if he tried out I would as well! So I tried out for the role of the big bad wolf in a musical I truly loved. I am a fan of the grim fairy tales and Stephen Sondheim. I was in an extreme unknown territory. I was given a chance to sing in a duet, this was the first time I ever had to learn choreography, sing with an orchestra, work with a cast of extreme talent and everyone had an amazing voices. I was a novice who just loved to play characters. I was not an expert. So I learned that you must be comfortable with being vulnerable and have fun doing it. I then learned I was capable of championing anything!

St. Andrew's allows you to find you own path. I was blessed to receive a well-balanced education from kindergarten to high school graduation. I was provided freedom of thought, strong religious morals, and a community of love. When you are given the freedom to be creative and be yourself; your potential to achieve amazing things is endless.

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