Global Studies

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School's Global Studies Program offers students the opportunity to learn and serve at partner schools in nine countries, and the chance to travel anywhere in the world they feel like they can make a difference. 
The Global Studies Program includes the study of world languages and cultures, history and geography, the arts and humanities, and science and math, all from a global perspective. This groundbreaking program touches every grade level and every subject studied, preparing students to become productive citizens of their communities, state, country, and the world.

Students from pre-K through Upper School have opportunities to participate in interactive programs with peers across the country and around the world. St. Andrew’s welcomes visiting musicians, artists, authors, and scientists from around the globe, and hosts various lecture series open to students, faculty, alumni, parents, and visitors from outside the school community.

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  • Initiatives & Programs

    Celebrating Diversity

    Led by the St. Andrew’s International Club, the Diversity Committee (see below), and various language clubs, this initiative includes celebrating different international heritage weeks/months and diversity represented by the 40 different countries of birth of students, parents, and faculty currently at St. Andrew’s. For the adults in the community, the celebration includes the Starry Night Celebration, which showcases food from around the world. 

    Student Council Diversity Committee

    Led by senior leaders, this student created committee focuses on educating peers on issues related to diversity. Students plan and conduct a diversity focused assembly once a year, while working closely with the student-led Global Studies Committee to plan and facilitate weekly conversations with the school community and engage the middle school and upper school Mosaic Clubs.

    School-wide Diversity Advisory Committee

    Members of the Diversity Advisory Committee hail from the various constituents in the school community. Student members, alumni, classroom teachers, administrators and board members come together to discuss issues around diversity and inclusivity. Over the past few years, theb Diversity Advisory Committee drafted the first Diversity and Inclusivity statement in the history of St. Andrew's. This statement helped guide the development of the school's new antidiscrimination policies and inform the 2016-2020 strategic plan.

    Curricular Enrichments

    Building on the school’s strong academic tradition and multifaceted curriculum, the Upper School has added new classes in contemporary issues and world religions, as well as AP human geography, to further enrich global offerings. These buttress a wide array of related courses in history, economics, literature, art, science, and world languages.

    Exchange Programs and International Travel

    St. Andrew’s students have the opportunity to learn first-hand about the world and to develop and apply their foreign language skills by traveling abroad on a variety of school-related programs. During the current academic year, trips are being offered to Europe, Africa, Asia, and Central America. St. Andrew’s also participates in a long-standing academic exchange program with Momoyama Gakuin, a high school in Osaka, Japan; for more than forty years, students from the two schools have spent a year living with host families and attending school in the other country. Eight other school-sponsored programs now complement this Japanese exchange. In addition, students and faculty alike are encouraged to travel abroad through other international programs, such as School Year Abroad, Congress-Bundestag Scholarships, or Fulbright Fellowships. The possibilities are endless.

    Student Council Global Studies Committee

    This student-led committee plans an important part of the school mission. Students plan International/Geography Week, host international guests, help plan and facilitate Travel Thursday forums, provide awareness for Model UN & the Central Mississippi Asian Cultural School. In addition to these activities, students assist with our school-wide fundraiser, Arts on the Green.

    Language Training

    One of the many strengths of St. Andrew’s academic program, training in world languages starts in the Lower School and continues over fifteen years through the Middle and Upper Schools, intensifying each year as students build on past experiences and develop a base for life-long language learning and cross-cultural communication. At present, languages offered during the school day include Spanish, Mandarin, French, Latin, Greek, German, and Italian, as well as Arabic through the Malone Schools Online Network (MSON).

    Model UN

    A long-standing program sponsored by the Model United Nations Association, this Middle and Upper School program provides hands-on learning opportunities for students to examine critical global issues, to collaboratively problem-solve with students from other schools and areas, and to experience the give-and-take world of negotiations and diplomacy in the context of simulating the United Nations General Assembly and Security Councils. Competitions are held annually at the state, regional, and national levels, with interested students volunteering to prepare, participate, and travel. 

    National Geographic Bee

    Sponsored by the National Geographic Society, this annual competition tests students’ knowledge of national and world geography, as well as of historical and current events, with rounds held on various levels: classroom, grade, school, state, and nation. Typically targeted at Middle School students (grades 5-8), the school has worked to extend the competition into the Lower School as well, with fourth graders participating in their own Bee and third graders conducting unofficial classroom competitions to whet their appetite, gain experience, and gear up for more formal competition in subsequent years. The 2015 state winner, Ian Espy, is a student in the upper school.

    International Club

    Driven by student interest and entrepreneurship, this organization seeks to increase global awareness and engagement in the community. The group meets regularly to discuss pressing international issues and to devise appropriate student and school initiatives to address them. It also uses international films, foods, and festivals to reach out to other students. The International Club works with the leadership of the student council Global Studies Committee.
  • Travel Grants

    Driven in part by technological developments and by demographic, economic, and ecological shifts, ongoing changes in domestic and international affairs place a higher premium on global literacies and competencies. To succeed educationally and professionally in an increasingly dynamic and interconnected global arena, young people need a broader array of skills and perspectives than in the past - they need to know about the world and how it works, they need to appreciate cultural similarities and differences, and they need to be able to interact effectively with diverse populations, especially in collaborative problem-solving projects.

    To promote such preparedness and teaching and learning about the world, St. Andrew’s is pleased to provide two sets of Global Studies Travel Grants, including funds for student travel through the Guillot Global Fellows Program. Awarded annually through a competitive process, these grants (for up to $2,000 each) are designed to encourage St. Andrew’s students and faculty to have and share formative international experiences and to help create a critical mass of global awareness and engagement in our community.
    To apply for these grants, interested students and faculty will need to submit a grant proposal and supporting materials in accordance with the instructions provided. These proposals will be reviewed by a Grants Committee, comprised of faculty, administrators, alumni, and members of the Global Studies Advisory Panel. The Grants Committee will consider a wide array of factors - including the objectives of the proposed trip, its relation to St. Andrew’s curriculum and programs, and the proposer’s capacity to make a positive impact while abroad and to share the experience widely upon return.
    For more information about these grants, travel at St. Andrew's, or the Global Studies Program as a whole, please contact Director of Global Studies Przemek Tokarski.
  • World Languages and Classics

    The Department of World and Classical Languages at St. Andrew’s encourages lifelong learning of world languages and cultures and helps students develop a broad world view, an awareness of interconnectedness, an appreciation of linguistic and cultural differences and similarities, a commitment to contribute positively to their communities, and the ability to communicate and collaborate with people from other countries and cultures. The department offers instruction in six modern languages – Spanish, French, Mandarin, Italian, German, and Arabic (through MSON) – and two classical languages – Latin and Greek. In each language and at each level, emphasis is placed on developing communicative and cross-cultural competencies, with exchange and travel programs complementing classroom instruction.
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  • Diversity & Inclusivity

    To nurture a diverse community in the Episcopal tradition, St. Andrew's strives to create a safe and inclusive environment where individuals learn to respect the dignity of every human being and to live and lead in a complex world.

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  • Service Learning

    St. Andrew’s Episcopal School makes serving others a priority beginning in the early childhood program and continuing until graduation.

    St. Andrew’s was the first school in Mississippi to require service learning as a graduation requirement. Many students exceed the number of required hours and continue to serve, inspired by the personal fulfillment that comes from helping others.

    Partnerships with local non-profit organizations offer Lower School students opportunities to serve within the community, from singing at retirement homes to baking desserts for those in need at Thanksgiving. Twice annually, the entire Middle School student body and faculty leave their classrooms behind to embark on a full day of service at charitable organizations throughout the Jackson metro area. Lower and Middle School students also participate in clothing, toy, and canned food drives and fundraising efforts for local, national, and international charitable organizations.

    As they mature, Upper School students assume leadership positions, spearheading projects that benefit causes they personally champion. Projects have ranged from serving as counselors at an equestrian camp for inner city children to helping build a library in Nepal, from constructing houses in Mississippi through Habitat for Humanity to performing humanitarian work in Cuba. The St. Andrew’s global studies program offers students many opportunities to serve in developing countries, while partnerships with local elementary schools allow St. Andrew’s students to teach children in their own community who might otherwise not have the chance to study world languages, complete a hands-on art project, or unlock the mysteries of robotics.

    In addition to encouraging its students to serve, St. Andrew’s itself serves as a resource to the Jackson metro area community. The school “shares” its guest authors, artists, scientists, and lecturers, allowing students and faculty members from other secondary schools and universities to participate in learning events at St. Andrew’s. St. Andrew’s also offers its facilities, including the McRae Science Center, for use in summer camps, lecture series, and other programs benefitting teachers and students from outside the school.

    St. Andrew’s emphasizes taking local action to solve global problems. The school’s focus on sustainability is reflected in activities ranging from growing edible plants in the campus greenhouse to an annual fashion show featuring haute couture made entirely from recycled items.

    At St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, students lay the foundation for a life filled with genuine meaning and purpose, and realize that one of the best lessons you can learn is that it’s not always all about you.
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