Middle School

Middle School is important, and it can be fun as well. At St. Andrew’s, we affirm that the Middle School years can be a wondrous time of growth and foundation building. 
These are critical years for establishing positive attitudes towards learning; acquiring foundational academic skills; and building empathy that leads to healthy, supportive friendships that can last a lifetime. Our program is designed to provide each child with the tools they need to succeed in Upper School and, ultimately, in a rapidly changing and diverse world.

Social and Emotional Skills

Our Circle Up and Chapel programs help students to practice empathy and understand how to build healthy friendships, while providing them with skills to make good decisions to build the most positive community possible. Our 5th graders get off to a great start in this area through our signature Saints Skills class, which gives them concrete skills for navigating Middle School.

Hands-On Learning

Middle School students learn best by doing! Our curriculum is designed to have them practice their skills through research, active presentation, and most importantly exploration. Nowhere is this more evident than in our Science program. Each of our Middle School grades has their own science lab, purposely designed for them to explore their curriculum through experimentation and practicing the scientific method.  (link or pictures of 8th Science Lab)

Leadership Opportunities

Throughout Middle School, we teach leadership skills and help students understand what good leadership looks like through group work and experiential learning and trips. Our 8th graders practice and discuss this skill directly through Student Council, athletic team leadership, clubs that they initiate, and our new Capstone project, which allows each 8th graders to explore, develop, and share a particular interest or passion.

Individualized Support

Our highly experienced faculty and administration work to partner with you throughout your child’s Middle School journey. Each child has an advisor who serves as an advocate for their students. Additionally, our Student Support Services team — which includes our Counselor, Learning Facilitator, Dean of Students, and the Division Head — meets weekly, builds individualized support for students when needed, and partners with parents to address concerns.

Challenging Academic Program

True confidence is built in children when they achieve something beyond what they believed they can do. In the Middle School, we work to provide each child with a challenge appropriate for their development. We support them to meet and overcome that challenge and build within them a belief in their abilities and a confidence that they can achieve their goals.

Middle School Leadership

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    Mr. Clay Elliott 

    Head of Middle School
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