The faculty, coaches, staff, and administrators at St. Andrew's collaboratively developed a "Profile of a Saint" that specifies expectations for our graduates. This Profile derives from the school's mission and identifies essential educational objectives – knowledge, skills, and perspectives – that we use to guide decisions and determine the optimal experiences for each of our students.
All students need a base-level of knowledge in key subject areas. Academic disciplines provide the conceptual lenses and practical tools that help our graduates unpack and understand complex problems, as well as providing the basis for cultural literacy. St. Andrew’s graduates develop a firm grounding in English, fine arts, history, languages, mathematics, and science, with each subject targeting key areas that serve students well in college and beyond.
No less important for the success of our graduates are transferable traits, related to the development of both academic skills and essential character skills, including foundational elements (such as maintaining personal wellness and conducting oneself responsibly), as well as communication, critical thinking and inquiry, and organization, leadership, and collaboration.
At least as important as knowledge and skills are the perspectives that St. Andrew’s students take into the world. These perspectives (including awareness and self-awareness, honor and respect, gratitude and empathy, wonder and curiosity, and flexibility and tenacity) help define who our students are as citizens and as neighbors, not just as scholars, artists, or athletes – and people whom we are proud to claim as our graduates.  
In pursuing these three sets of objectives, both in and out of the classroom, we believe that the evolving learning opportunities we offer students should respond to their needs, foster life-long learning, and prepare them for responsible citizenship in their communities.

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