Self-awareness and motivation. Compassion and empathy. Honor and respect. Wonder and curiosity. Flexibility and tenacity.

Drawn from our Profile of a Saint, these vital perspectives combine with transferable skills like critical thinking and inquiry, creative and collaborative problem-solving, and communicative and cross-cultural competencies to form the bedrock of character and social-emotional health upon which our students learn and flourish.

Often juxtaposed with content knowledge, such characteristics have been called numerous names, including 21st century skills, survival skills, essential character skills, and "non-cognitive" skills, which remains a prevalent term in the field, even though such characteristics are inherently cognitive and directly connected to our brains and how we think, learn, and behave.

Numerous studies have shown positive correlations between essential character skills and a wide array of educational, social, and professional outcomes, including better academic performance, personal health and well-being, relationships, job performance, and wages. Recent research also indicates that employers are increasingly seeking people with these skills because they have what it takes to succeed.

At St. Andrew’s, we embrace the power of essential character skills and weave them into the fabric of our PK3-12 experience. In doing so, we help our students develop as whole people and prepare them to identify, understand, and prioritize problems of significance and to work collaboratively, creatively, ethically, and responsibly to solve them with people from different backgrounds and cultures – all of which serves our students and communities well.

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