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  • How can my student apply?

    Students will need to apply via the Aspire Google Form along with having a faculty recommendation letter submitted. Once that form is received the Aspire Committee will review all applications and make recommendations based on the application and the students academic load. Application does not guarantee a spot.
  • What is the maximum number of students allowed within the program?

    We have limited spots available of currently a maximum of 15 students per the fall and spring semesters. 
  • Can seniors participate in the course?

    While seniors would not be able to participate in the full scope of the program, they would have the option to audit the course if space allows, with the expectation that they are to be fully engaged. Priority placement is given to Juniors. All students interested in participating must apply for the program. This option currently would only be available to the 2022 senior class.
  • How will this class fit within the normal class schedule?

    The class is a blend of synchronous, in-person meetings, asynchronous work, and one on one’s with the student’s faculty mentor. Due to the flexibility this provides, the in person class meeting time would take place during the Flex block on Friday or during a specified lunch break. This allows not only more flexibility within the course but helps give students the opportunity to take the course  without having to worry about schedule conflict due to graduation requirements.
  • What is the time commitment for this course?

    Students will earn a .5 credit for their time in each semester of the course. The course is a rigorous amount of weekly asynchronous work combined with weekly class assignments coinciding with either group meetings or individual meetings with the instructor/faculty mentors.
  • Will there be a required textbook?

    There is not a required textbook, instead students will gather their own resources, with a designated number coming from a supplied approved list. These can range from a compilation of essays, books, podcasts, etc. The student will submit artifacts and findings as the course proceeds to share what they have learned.
  • Is there an additional cost to enroll in the course?

    There is no additional cost. 
  • Will students have a choice in who they mentor with?

    Through the program students are given the opportunity to meet with individuals and businesses they may not normally have the opportunity to interact with, thus expanding their network. Mentors and students will be matched based on their interest and proposal. Our mentors and internship providers are a combination of alumni and community members who are interested in investing in St. Andrew’s.
  • Can a student pick their internship?

    As with mentors placement, students are matched with their internship based on their interest and proposal.
  • How/who determines who can be a mentor, and who can provide an internship?

    The Director of the Aspire program creates and culminates a database of interested individuals based on their involvement in the community and experience. 
  • Are the internships paid internships?

    Currently they are not. The focus of the internship for the student is the experience and to not obtain a typical internship but one that is more hands on, with the student getting a more in depth look and experience that is based on their proposal.

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