At Foundations we shape experiences in the first three years of life that have a significant impact on brain development and learning.

Our innovative, personalized educational environment is structured to provide opportunities for socialization, exploration, play and problem solving with respect and affection for each child. We believe structured and unstructured learning opportunities stimulate curiosity in young children, enabling them to grasp new concepts at their own rate. We encourage serve-and-return interactions individualized to each child’s unique personality and that foster growth-promoting relationships. In providing such back and forth interactions, responsive caregivers are creating an environment ideal for babies and very young children to develop communication and social skills while also preparing them for our existing early childhood program and beyond.


Dr. Sheena White will serve on the school’s Senior Leadership Team as Head of Foundations Infant - 2 Year Old Program. Dr. White holds degrees in elementary, reading, and early childhood education and has over ten years of experience in early childhood classrooms. Under her leadership, Foundations will ensure St. Andrew’s remains the leader in educational innovation and excellence in Mississippi.

Hours of Operation 

Foundations will operate as a full-year, full day program, five days a week from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Foundations will be overseen by the Mississippi State Department of Health and maintain or exceed all MSDH health, safety, and staffing quality standards.

Eligible Ages

Foundations program is designed for infants 6 weeks of age through three years of age (and readiness to the Pre-K3 program) and has six leveled classrooms based on age as well as development. Shifting between the program levels is based on age as well as development.
Age Category Ratio Maximum Class Size
Infant (6 weeks - 12 months)
1:5 10
1 yr. Toddler (12 - 24 months)
1:6 12
2 yr. Toddler (24 - 36 months)
1:6 12


Foundations is designed as a year round, 5 full day educational program. Tuition for all grade levels (Infant, 1 Yr Old, 2 Yr Old) will be $855 a month with a $500 one-time enrollment deposit.

How to Apply

Applications for St. Andrew’s Foundations program are accessed through the school’s Admission & Enrollment Portal. To begin the process, apply online here. Once you submit the application form you will then be directed to your online account and view your application checklist. The process is designed to get to know your child and family and we are here to share St. Andrew’s with you at the same time.

We are currently only accepting new applications for 2022-23 for the infant level of Foundations.

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