Global Studies
Hosting is one of the unique opportunities of the St. Andrew’s Global Studies program. It is an opportunity to enrich your family in unexpected ways. Learning about another culture and forming a connection with a student from another country are priceless experiences that you cannot gain in other ways. You will be surprised by all the similarities you have to your guest, as well as all the cultural differences which can help you see your own experiences through fresh eyes. Finally, an most importantly, hosting a Global Studies exchange student offers the opportunity to create life-long friendships with people from around the world.

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  • The general responsibilities for hosting short-term exchange students are:

    • meet at the airport to greet the arriving group;
    • transportation to the airport on the departure day;
    • provide a safe, supportive, and welcoming environment at home. Being far from home may be a challenge for your guest, so be sensitive to their cues and needs.
    • encourage conversations in English at home;
    • provide a separate, comfortable bed for your guest. A same-gender shared bedroom is permitted.
    • Offer at least dinners at home if not provided by St. Andrew’s. Whenever possible, eat meals with your guest.
    • include your guest in family activities, meals, outings, and gatherings.
    • provide access to laundry as needed;
    • Provide or arrange safe transportation to and from school and relevant school and social activities.
  • St. Andrew’s responsibilities are:

    • provide breakfast and lunch for exchange students
    • organize daily activities and excursions during the week and many times on the weekends.
    • be in communication with host students and parents and keeping them updated on any slight changes to the program.
    • provide transportation on excursion days.
  • Exchange students will:

    • travel to New Orleans during the weekend and host families have a regular family weekend.
    • come with their own medical and travel insurance.
Host students receive 14 school-service hours for hosting an exchange student during two weeks.

Testimonials from Previous Host Students

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  • Alix Ebner

    Alix Ebner

    “I really loved hosting my German student because I not only got to learn more about a culture, but also gained a close friend. It was also great because when I visited Germany, I got to stay with her and our friendship grew even more!”
  • Ethan Chevalier

    Ethan Chevalier

    ”I was proud to show my Peruvian guest my home state.  My friends made him feel welcome and we all had a good time together.  I learned a lot about Peru and Peruvian culture.  Hosting was a great experience!”
  • Kaleb Cassidy

    Kaleb Cassidy

    “The hosting experience was one that has stuck with me even now. There's a sense of pride in introducing someone to your culture followed by a sense of wonder as you explore a unique culture through your exchange student. You learn to appreciate your own country and the homes across the world that you never truly consider. I've made a connection through this shared learning experience and made a lasting friendship.”
  • Mirren Viola

    Mirren Viola

    “My hosting experiences have been so heart-warming! I have created unforgettable memories with my new international friends through hosting them. I have learned so much about other cultures and have become more aware of the world.”
  • Phoebe Xu

    Phoebe Xu

    “I enjoyed being able to form a relationship with my foreign student where I could help her with English and she could help me with French. The hosting program at St. Andrew’s has always been very successful, and I look forward to meeting new people with different cultures in the future."
  • Samantha Smith

    Samantha Smith

    "I loved the entire hosting experience! At first I was nervous that it was going to be very time consuming, but I was surprised to find that Mr. T takes so much of the burden off families. He has planned activities on weekends and during weekdays. All they need are rides to and from school. I loved my exchange student and we created a long lasting friendship!”
  • Toni Oluwatade

    Toni Oluwatade

    “I met my Ghanian guest when I went on the Ghana trip with SA the previous May, and I had the wonderful opportunity to host her in October. Hosting her was one of the highlights of my junior year, as she and I became close and learned a lot about each other’s cultures and families. I love having a friend on the other side of the world. “
  • Zahra Naveed

    Zahra Naveed

    “The student I hosted was younger than I am and we became really close.  I’m glad I got to share my experiences with her like an older sister and she told me about her life as well.”

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