Global Studies

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  • Germany: Norbert Gymnasium

    Norbert Gymnasium IS A CATHOLIC SCHOOL SITUATED AT AN EQUAL DISTANCE BETWEEN COLOGNE AND DÜSSELDORF offers high quality education.  Students receive a well-rounded academic education which also includes sports, leadership, the Arts and travel. THE SCHOOL TRAVELS TO FRANCE; AUSTRIA; THE BALKANS; IRELAND: Norbert Gymnasium students travel to St. Andrew’s every other year.

  • Hermann Gmeiner International College

    As an International Baccalaureate and boarding school, Hermann Gmeiner International College is a leader not only in Ghana but also ON THE AFRICAN CONTINENT WITH STUDENTS FROM DIFFERENT AFRICAN COUNTRIES ATTENDING IT.   Their philosophy embraces the idea of Pan Africanism which encourages students to learn about and offer service to their community, greater Africa, and ultimately the world. SITUATED IN THE SUBURBS OF THE CAPITAL CITY, ACRA,...  Students from Hermann Gmeiner International College travel to St. Andrew’s every other year.


  • India: Sreenidhi International School

    Sreenidhi International School is an International Baccalaureate School near Himayat Sagar Lake in Hyderabad, India, AT THE HEART OF INDIA IN WHAT IS CONSIDERED INDIAN SILICON VALLEY.   It is a school which seeks to foster the intellectual growth of individuals by encouraging critical thinking and unconventional learning opportunities. THIS SCHOOL HAS A BOARDING COMPONENT AND OUR STUDENTS STAY IN ONE OF THE DORMS ON CAMPUS.  Students from Sreenidhi International travel to St. Andrew’s every other year.

  • Peru: Lord Byron

    Situated in the southern part of the country and surrounded by three inactive volcanoes, Lord Byron, a private school  in Arequipa, Peru, educates students for the realization of their own personal potential. With a robust English as a second language program and a partner school program with schools around the world, Lord Byron encourages students to enhance their foreign language skills through both classroom activities and varied travel opportunities. Lord Byron students travel to St. Andrew’s every year for two weeks in the Spring.

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