Where collaboration inspires innovation and prepares students to solve real world challenges.

i2 – Inspire & Innovate

i2: Where We Began

i2: Where We Are Going

Progressing in a Post(ish) Pandemic World

What We Do

St. Andrew's faculty are committed to developing measurable strategies that maximize learning by offering everything from tech-centered ideas to pedagogical best practices learned from years in the classroom. We support the individual goals of professional teachers, not pushing any particular teaching method over another but by documenting and curating the innovative work they are already doing to further inspire our students.

Where We Innovate

Three remodeled i2 classrooms serve to support a range of innovative, research-based technologies that bolster teaching and learning. These new classrooms are living and breathing research sites that support teachers and students by measuring impact and improving practices.

Where We Find Inspiration

i2 labs are brainstorming hubs where teachers go for professional support, additional resources, and fine-tuning of ideas. The labs feature both “drop in” hours when teachers can imagine new possibilities as well as a schedule to arrange meetings with particular i2 team members.

South Campus | PK-3 to Grade 4

4120 Old Canton Road | Jackson, Mississippi 39216
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North Campus | Grades 5 to 12

370 Old Agency Road | Ridgeland, Mississippi 39157
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