Innovation in the Classroom

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  • Virginia Buchanan

    Virginia Buchanan’s sixth grade math classroom puts the inspiration and innovation into i2 with its use of flexible seating and the Concept Study Approach, which blends exploration, collaboration, rich talk, risk-taking, and reflection. After all, in math (and life), we grow best together, in community.
  • Emily Philpott

    In her World History and AP Psychology courses, Emily Philpott leverages all of the features of the i2 room to empower students to make learning visible. They make sense of high-level questions by capturing thoughts on her writable walls, moving from question to question in pairs to add on to the already-existing ideas. Students learn that historical sense-making is most nuanced when it incorporates multiple texts, multiple voices, and multiple perspectives.
  • Wesley Saylor

    Wesley Saylor knows that the best language instruction happens at the intersection of collaborative performance, social communication, and culture. Drop by his class and you will likely see his students re-enacting a French wedding, or shouting French while sitting in a row of chairs meant to represent a broken car on a crowded interstate. It turns out that the best way to learn a language is to live it.
  • Ruthie Taylor

    Students don’t have a moment to zone out in Ruthie Taylor’s Speech and Debate or Drama classes. Engaged through textual analysis, whole body warm ups, improvisation exercises, peer critique, and video tools to self-assess their own performances, Ruthie pushes active learning to new heights. 
  • Valerie Dembny

    Valerie Dembny is a true asset to our St. Andrew’s community because of her creative, innovative approach to fourth-grade math instruction, and her willingness to inspire, lead, and support her colleagues, enhancing math instruction across the entire Lower School.  

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