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  • I already have a busy schedule; how much time do I need to commit to this course?

    You should expect to spend about the same amount of time for this course as you would for any semester-long in-person course, around five hours per week dedicated to meeting, readings, doing assignments, etc.
  • St. Andrew’s is known for its excellent face-to-face programming. Why offer virtual programming now?

    Compelled by the unprecedented events of the past few months, we at St. Andrew’s are committed to creating high-quality virtual spaces for teaching and learning to facilitate safe and enriching opportunities for academically engaged youth around the world. More than any other time in our recent history, young people are faced with potential feelings of isolation and anxiety. We believe that school has always been a bridge between past and future, between young person to young person, between academic content and real life career plans. In this time, more than ever, we believe St. Andrew’s is a beacon of wellness, inclusivity, and innovation, and Virtual Saints can provide a safe space for youth to grow leaps and bounds academically and relationally, while also receiving course credit. 
  • What if I have to miss a required class meeting?

    We understand that sometimes unforeseen issues arise that inhibit a student’s ability to connect to a scheduled virtual class meeting. In this case, students will be asked to communicate with their teacher to propose an alternative plan, if needed. In addition, all students will have access to recorded real-time meetings to refer to on their own as needed. 
  • If I have a busy schedule during some days, can I work later at night or early in the morning?

    As long as students attend the required real time class meetings, the rest of the work can be completed anytime. Clear deadlines for all work will be posted each week on the learning management platform.
  • Can I take more than one class?

    During a single Virtual Saints Session, students may sign up for more than one course, based on your schedule.
  • Will I get credit for these classes on my transcript at my school?

    St. Andrew’s students will earn credit upon successful completion of a course. Students from other schools are encouraged to check with their school to ensure that the school will accept a transfer credit.
  • Are Virtual Saints classes as rigorous as full year classes?

    The Virtual Saints program has been developed by highly qualified St. Andrew’s teachers, both experts in their field and in the craft of teaching. Students can expect to experience the same high standards and authentic engagement in content that they would find in a traditional St. Andrew’s class.
  • Will I have any interaction with other classmates?

    Yes! Students will engage and collaborate with their peers in a variety of ways, such as through small group conversations, text-based discussions, and shared video and audio projects.
  • Can I do athletics and take a Virtual Saints class?

    Yes! Since Virtual Saints synchronous class times usually fall outside of traditional practice times and because VS classes are not bound to physical classroom spaces, you can attend your classes from anywhere. VS teachers and SA athletic coaches will work together to ensure that you can participate in both VS courses and athletic workouts.
  • Will my grade in my Virtual Saints class be calculated into my St. Andrew’s Fall/Spring semester GPA?

    Yes; if you are a St. Andrew’s student, this will be calculated into your GPA.

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