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Virtual Saints offers competitively priced, for-credit virtual classes during the school year to our current Saints community and to students from other schools in grades 9-12. This program will serve academically motivated students who wish to complete a required course to create more room in their regular schedule, or take a high-interest elective course that is typically not offered during the school year. Participating in this program will create more opportunities for students to take a wide array of specialized classes later in their high school years.

*The deadline to apply for year-long Virtual Saints classes is August 20, 2021.

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  • Advanced Placement Psychology

    Instructor: Emily Philpott
    Grade Levels: 11th-12th
    Tuition: $800
    This is a challenging year-long course designed to introduce students to the field of psychology: the scientific investigation of mental processes and behavior. We will be looking at behavior with regard to internal conditions, as well as their relationship to others and their environments. This course exposes the student to the various theories and approaches that psychological research has adopted and provides the student with the results of that research. The material covered in AP Psychology is equivalent to that of an introductory level Psychology course at a college or university; therefore, requiring work and dedication. We will study topics such as psychological disorders, memory, personality, sensation and perception, neuroscience, motivation, emotion, social psychology, intelligence, and child development. Throughout the course, you will be actively involved in experiments and activities, employ psychological research methods, and discuss ethical considerations.  At the end of this course, students will not only be prepared to take the AP exam, but they should be better able to understand, explain, and predict human behavior.

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