Student Support Services

In support of the mission of St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, the Student Support Services team provides resources in every division to give academic and socio-emotional support to enrich the health and wellness of every student. 

Academic Support & Wellness

Student Support Services collaborate in each division with a common goal of meeting the diverse needs of learners from pre-K3 through senior year by using a holistic approach to help meet the varied academic, physical, social/emotional, and spiritual needs of our diverse student body. These vital years are marked by significant neurodevelopment with implications for both learning and social-emotional needs. Our support includes all facets of our community and our approach is centered on wellness and enhanced by innovative tools and practices.

Throughout the St. Andrew’s experience, caring, competent professionals such as on-site, full-time learning facilitators, reading specialists, school counselors, a health and wellness director, a director of student health, registered nurses, and chaplains support students on their educational journey. 

Learning Center Services

St. Andrew’s Learning Centers strive to foster learning skills that embrace the diversity of its learners and empower them to realize their educational potential. Our Learning Centers are staffed with full-time facilitators in each division who administer a range of services designed to further enhance student learning and academic progress.   

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  • South Campus Services – Lower School

    The Lower School Learning Center is staffed by a full-time learning facilitator and a full-time reading specialist. This team provides instructional assistance to students with identified learning needs and partners with parents, faculty, and other professionals to help support students in the following ways:

    • Small group instruction
    • Orton-Gillingham instruction for students with dyslexia
    • Classroom support and accommodation plans
    • Arrangement of speech therapy, occupational therapy, tutoring, and English Language Learning tutoring
    • Screenings, assessments, and progress monitoring
    • Evaluation support and guidance
  • North Campus Services – Middle and Upper School

    The North Campus Learning Center at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School seeks to support students in attaining success while maintaining the academic rigor of St. Andrew’s. By working with each student’s unique learning profile and emphasizing a strength-based approach, learning facilitators assist students in advocating for themselves and taking ownership of their own learning style. 

    In order to attain this goal, St. Andrew’s provides a learning facilitator for both Middle School and Upper School. The role of each learning facilitator is multifaceted and involves communication and collaboration with parents and colleagues throughout the St. Andrew's community. Learning facilitators provide expertise in interpreting psychoeducational evaluations for the purpose of pinpointing areas of need and designing strategies based on each child’s individual strengths. 

    • Learning facilitators serve as a resource for students, parents, and teachers to ensure that appropriate and sustainable accommodations are provided both in and out of classroom setting.
    • Learning facilitators are responsible for helping students manage their learning challenges by maintaining close involvement with both students and their families as individual problems are tracked and addressed and for helping teachers understand and support their needs.
    • Learning facilitators help students to become successful long-term independent learners.

Counseling Services

St. Andrew’s has full time, certified/licensed counselors in each division. Counselors are student advocates who work in collaboration with leadership teams, teachers, and parents to support student wellness. School counselors help students develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to achieve academic success, gain insight and awareness of personal strengths and interests, and develop social-emotional competencies to respond to challenges and contribute positively to their communities.

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  • South Campus Services – Lower School

    Students in pre-K3 through 4th grade benefit from the social-emotional support provided by our Lower School counselor. Teachers and administrators can refer students who may benefit from school counseling services. Additionally, students in first through fourth grade can request to see the school counselor on their own. Families are encouraged to contact the school counselor for parenting resources, to discuss social-emotional development and appropriate school interventions, or with any concerns that emerge during the school year. The Lower School counselor provides:

    • Short-term individual counseling 
    • Social-emotional learning groups 
    • Whole class lessons 
    • Community referrals
    • Meetings with parents/guardians
    • Individual student support plans made in collaboration with Student Support Services and faculty
  • North Campus Services – Middle and Upper School

    MIddle School

    Our Middle School counselor is committed to support student wellness through the developmental, social, and emotional challenges of middle school. Students are welcome to request to see the school counselor. Teachers and administrators can also refer a student if they think that they need support. The Middle School counselor is also available as a resource for parents. The counselor provides:

    • Short-term individual counseling
    • Social emotional support during the school day
    • Community referrals 
    • Parent meetings 
    • Collaboration with faculty to create lessons for the Middle School SEL and advisory program 
    • Collaborate with teachers regarding student needs as part of the Student Support Team 

    Upper School

    The Upper School counselor at St. Andrew’s works in collaboration with the administrative team and Student Support Services to provide students with engaging programs that nurture leadership and advocacy. The Upper School counselor guides students as they evaluate their strengths, skills, and abilities. The partnership between the school counselor and faculty, staff, administration, families, and community members in the delivery of programs and activities in an integral part of student success. The Upper School counselor provides:

    • Short-term individual counseling with students
    • Individual sessions with parents
    • Referrals and recommendations for outside interventions and services
    • Oversees and plans the Upper School advisory program
    • Schedule selection

Pastoral Care

St. Andrew’s has one full-time chaplain on the Student Support Services team and one part-time chaplain, both ordained clergy in the Episcopal Church. Our full-time chaplain is available to provide pastoral care to all members of our community.  Students, parents, and faculty can request to speak with the chaplain. There are five main areas of pastoral care: fostering healing and wellness, sustaining those in difficult circumstances, guiding students through decision-making processes, reconciling individuals to each other and to God, and nurturing personal and community growth.  

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  • Pastoral Services

    • Short-term pastoral counseling regarding day-to-day or existential concerns
    • Crisis support, including coordination of our community’s response to crisis
    • Care for families experiencing change, both through illness, death, and other forms of loss and through births, marriages, and other seasons of family growth
    • Cross-divisional support of families
    • Collaboration regarding student needs as part of the Student Support Services team
    • Preaching and teaching regarding care of self and others 

Student Support Services Team


List of 3 members.

  • Mrs. Chelsea Freeman 02

    Lower School Counselor and Director of Social Emotional Learning
    (601) 987-9304
    Mississippi College - MEd
    Spring Hill College - BA
  • Ms. Lauren Powell 

    Upper School Counselor and Director of Wellness
    (601) 853-6046
    Mississippi College - EdS
    Mississippi College - MEd
    Empire State College - BA
  • Ms. Cyndi Irons 

    Middle School Counselor, Varsity Dance Team Coach
    (601) 853-6050
    Mississippi State University - MA

Learning Facilitators

List of 4 members.

  • Mrs. Hollie Marjanovic 

    Upper School Learning Facilitator
    (601) 853-6023
    Belhaven College - MA
    Mississippi State University - BA
  • Mrs. Lynda Morse 

    Middle School Learning Facilitator
    (601) 853-6020
    University of Tennessee - MS
    University of Mississippi - BA
  • Dr. Christine Selman 

    Lower School Learning Facilitator
    (601) 987-9300
    University of Southern Mississippi - PhD
    University of Southern Mississippi - MS
    Millsaps College - BA
  • Ms. Hannah Woodward 

    Reading Specialist
    (601) 853-6000 x 4011
    Vanderbilt University - MEd
    Vanderbilt University - BS


List of 2 members.

  • The Rev. Annie Elliott 

    Chaplain, Director of Diversity, Director of Service Learning
    (601) 853-6016
    Virginia Theological Seminary - MDiv
    Vanderbilt University - BA
  • The Rev. Luther Ott 

    Interim Chaplain
    Episcopal Divinity School - ThM
    University of Mississippi - JD
    Millsaps College - BA

Health and Wellness

List of 1 members.

  • Mrs. Christi DeLaughter 

    Middle School Fitness Teacher, Head Girls Cross Country Coach, Director of Physical Wellbeing
    (601) 987-9310


List of 2 members.

  • Mrs. Jane Griffin 

    North Campus Nurse
    (601) 853-0659
    University of Mississippi Medical Center - BS
    University of Mississippi - BA
  • Mrs. Anna Wadlington 

    Director of Student Health, South Campus Nurse
    (601) 987-9308
    Millsaps College - BS
    Holmes Community College - AA

South Campus | PK-3 to Grade 4

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North Campus | Grades 5 to 12

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