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Learning Center Services

St. Andrew’s Learning Centers strive to create a learning environment that embraces the diversity of its learners and empowers them to realize their educational potential. Our Learning Centers are staffed with full-time facilitators in each division who administer a range of services designed to further enhance student learning and academic progress.

Lower School Learning Center

The Lower School Learning Center is staffed by a full-time Learning Facilitator and a full-time Reading Specialist along with two part-time Learning Facilitators. This team provides instructional assistance to students with identified learning needs and partners with parents, faculty, and other professionals to help support students.

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  • Learning Center Services

    • Small group remedial literacy instruction provided to support students on an as-needed basis
    • Orton-Gillingham instruction for students diagnosed with dyslexia
    • Classroom support and accommodation plans for students with a diagnosed learning difference
    • Arrangement of speech therapy, occupational therapy, academic tutoring, and English Language Learning tutoring by an outside provider on campus 
    • Access to a wide variety of screenings as well as assessments, and on-going progress monitoring
    • Recommendations and support for evaluations with outside providers 
    • The creation of a comprehensive plan of support based on a psychoeducational evaluation that includes a variety of accommodations
  • Screenings

    One of the main goals of the Lower School Learning Center is to identify and remediate early learning needs. To assist with this, all kindergarten and first grade students are screened for dyslexia each year. Additional screenings available as needed include hearing, vision, speech/language, auditory processing, and handwriting/fine motor.
  • Dyslexia

    Orton-Gillingham instruction in a small group setting is provided for students with dyslexia for no additional charge.  If individualized instruction is required, the school will work with outside providers, including the Mississippi Dyslexia Center, to arrange for those services to be provided on campus.
  • Accommodations

    Students who have a diagnosis of an approved learning difference are eligible for classroom accommodations, such as extended test time and preferential seating. The Learning Center partners with families and teachers to create an individualized Accommodation Plan for every child with a diagnosis on file. If you have questions about your child’s academic progress or accommodations, please reach out to Christine Selman at selmanch@gosaints.org.
  • Resources

    Useful information learning differences such as dyslexia and ADHD.

    Reading Rockets
    Tips for Reading Success

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