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    Mrs. Hollie Marjanovic 

    Upper School Learning Facilitator
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Learning Center Services

St. Andrew’s Learning Centers strive to create a learning environment that embraces the diversity of its learners and empowers them to realize their educational potential. Our Learning Centers are staffed with full-time facilitators in each division who administer a range of services designed to further enhance student learning and academic progress.

Upper School Learning Center

The North Campus Learning Center at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School seeks to support students in attaining success while maintaining the academic rigor of St. Andrew’s. By working with each student’s unique learning profile and emphasizing a strength-based approach, learning facilitators assist students in advocating for themselves and taking ownership of their own learning style. 
In order to attain this goal, St. Andrew’s provides a learning facilitator for the Upper School whose role involves communication and collaboration with parents and colleagues throughout the community. Learning facilitators provide expertise in interpreting psychoeducational evaluations for the purpose of pinpointing areas of need and designing strategies based on each child’s individual strengths.

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  • Learning Center Services

    • Coordination of academic coaching, tutorial, occupational therapy, and dyslexia therapy sessions throughout the day which are integrated into the student’s schedule.
    • Training in executive functioning skills 
    • Coordination of school based accommodations, such as extended time for testing, for those with documented medical or learning specific issues.
    • Coordination of testing accommodations with ACT and College Board for those with documented medical or learning specific differences.
    • Coordination of make-up work when students are out with long-term illness and school related excused absences.
    • Assistance with continuation of accommodations and services at the college level.
  • Accommodations in the Upper School

    Students who have a diagnosis of an approved learning difference are eligible for classroom accommodations, such as extended test time and preferential seating. The Learning Center partners with families and teachers to create an individualized Accommodation Plan for every student with a diagnosis on file. If you have questions about your child’s academic progress or accommodations, please reach out to Hollie Marjanovic at marjanovicho@gosaints.org.
  • Writing and Math Labs

    The St. Andrew’s North Campus Writing and Math labs are student led, collaborative efforts to offer a system of peer tutorial. Upper School students are chosen to serve as Writing and Math fellows and offer tutorial services for 1-2 hours per week during their study halls. Additionally, the Writing Center has an online submission service for papers and essays in which students receive feedback. For more information, email writinglab@gosaints.org or mathlab@gosaints.org Tutorial services in the Math and Writing labs are currently for upper school students only.  
  • Services Provided by Outside Professionals in the Upper School

    • Academic Coaching – A service for students in which they are provided with intense instruction on developing strategies which are suitable to their academic goals.  Academic coaches partner with families and the school to set appropriate academic goals and provide a layer of accountability to the student's progress.
    • Tutors – St. Andrew's maintains a list of tutors with expertise in a variety of subjects. These names are available upon request, and the Learning Facilitators can help you connect with one who might be a good fit for your child. We strongly encourage you to meet with our faculty or the Learning Facilitator first, as many challenges can be overcome without tutor support.
    • Dyslexia Therapy – Approved therapists, including those from Mississippi College’s Dyslexia Center, may meet with students during study halls or break on campus
    • Occupational Therapy – Approved therapists may meet with students during study halls or break on campus
    For more information on having an Upper School student working with a tutor in the Learning Lab, please email marjanovicho@gosaints.org
  • Learning Center Resources

    Learn more about ADD and its symptoms

    International Dyslexia Association
    Learn more about Dyslexia

    Apps found useful for Dyslexics

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