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  • Linda Rodriguez

    "Hi!  I'm Linda Rodriguez.  I enjoy cooking, growing tomatoes, and spending time with my family, 3 cats, and a dog.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Classical Antiquities, a Master’s degree in Educational Policy: Global Studies and I’ve been teaching for 27 years.  As a St. Andrew's teacher, my mission is to challenge each of my students to think. I believe that everyone's story is important and, by learning about social justice both here at home and around the world, we can learn to value each other's journey.  I am excited to teach Global Voices of Oppression: Literature for Social Justice and A Nation Divided: The Literature of Civil Rights in the Modern US and I know it will be a transformative experience for all of us!"
  • Emily Philpott

    Hello! My name is Emily Philpott and I live in MS with my husband, two children, and dog. After graduating from the University of Virginia with a Master’s in Teaching, I have spent the past 18 years in the classroom. This will be my third year at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School where I serve as Associate Director of Global Studies along with teaching history and science courses. Through the years I have been a department chair, tennis coach, Model UN advisor, and international trip leader. I am a National Geographic Certified Educator, a Peace Teacher with the United States Institute of Peace, a Fulbright Teachers for Global Classrooms Fellow, and an AP Reader. I am passionate about global education and hope that students leave my course with a greater understanding and appreciation of the world and the skills and confidence to create positive change. In addition, I am fascinated by cognitive science and its application to teaching and learning. I am thrilled to be teaching Psychology and Global Studies this summer!”
  • Price Chadwick

    My name is Price Chadwick and I have taught physics and coding at St. Andrew's for 13 years.  After graduating from the US Naval Academy in 2000 with a BS in physics, I was in submarines for 5 years where I was involved in reactor operations. As well as teaching physics and robotics at St. Andrew's, I am the boys' cross country coach for 7th - 12th grade.  I also coached track and field for 12 years. My wife and I have a son going into 6th grade as well as a dog and 2 cats. I believe that a basic level of understanding of coding is necessary for anyone wanting to be involved in any technical field.
  • Jim Foley

    “Hi, I'm Jim Foley, and I have been teaching at both the high school and college levels for 25 years. My roots lie in New York, but I have lived in Virginia, Maryland, and Mississippi, the latter state for 25 years. As a historian of the United States, I find it is important to listen to the voices from the past to help us make sense of the present. What still gives me intellectual energy, as well as a great deal of humility, is the realization that there is so much to learn. One never reaches the point of knowing everything about American history. I see my job as helping students develop an interest in learning more about American history and culture, and at the same time, learning about themselves, whether they were born in this country or it is their adopted home. In addition, I think we learn to develop a sense of empathy and understanding of others through our study of history. We learn to appreciate others by learning about their lived experiences.”
  • Trish Martin

    Hi, I'm Trish Martin.  I have been in education for over 25 years and still find it exciting.  I worked in Virginia and Texas before moving to the great state of Mississippi almost two years ago with my two wonderful little Chihuahuas.  I follow Galileo's thinking in that mathematics is the language of the universe. Understanding mathematics gives you the ability to analyze and predict--something we all need to be able to do with the wealth of information available today.  I am thrilled to have you join my class so we can work together at understanding this great universal language of mathematics.”
  • Nancy Rivas

    “Hello! I’m Nancy Rivas. I’m a native Colombian who’s been teaching foreign languages for 21 years, 15 of which at St. Andrew’s. Before even realizing I wanted to become a teacher I developed a lifelong love for languages, a passion I wish to inspire in others. I’m always excited to share knowledge of my native language as I promote understanding of different cultures where Spanish is spoken. For me, appreciation of cultural differences and similarities is fundamental as we become acquainted with the languages we learn. Equally important in this pursuit is how we contribute positively to our local and global communities.”
  • Wesley Saylor

    “Hi! I’m Wesley Saylor. I’ve been teaching for - total of 8 years, three years at the collegiate level and 5 years here at St. Andrew’s. As a St. Andrew’s teacher, my goal is to help inspire my students to find the beauty in learning a new language, culture, and even a new way to think! It is my mission to help support young minds to be strong global citizens. Learning French isn’t just about learning a new language, it’s about discovering a world that has old connections and influences to ours!”
  • Przemek Tokarski

    “I am Przemek Tokarski. I have been at St. Andrew's since 2009. I love learning and teaching foreign languages and love to see my students develop the same passion for foreign languages and cultures. I speak Polish, German, English, and Spanish and am currently working on Mandarin. The last one is really hard. If you would like to improve your language skills in Spanish, I would love to meet you in this summer class."
  • Kim Widdig

    "My name is Kimberly (Kim) Widdig. I have a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science. I also have a master’s degree in Mathematics. I am completing my 19th year of teaching this year and can’t wait to start a new decade at St. Andrew’s. I have taught pretty much every math subject on the middle and high school levels. I have an amazing husband, three beautiful daughters and three awesome grandchildren. I love the Lord and feel that He has led me to this amazing school. I look forward to meeting you and showing you how fun math can be!!"

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