A Vision for the Future

St. Andrew's Vision Statement

During the 2018-19 school year, St. Andrew’s will undertake a collaborative process to refine, reaffirm, and clarify our vision for the future. Drawing upon a future expressed in our 2011 Vision Narrative, our 2016 Strategic Objectives, and our Forward Saints campaign, the visioning process will unfold over the course of the fall and winter with opportunities for all constituents to share their vision for St. Andrew’s with Head of School Tom Sheppard. This process culminates with a St. Andrew’s Visioning Day on January 26, 2019. The Vision Statement will be forwarded to the Board of Trustees for their consideration in early 2019.

As you think about the future of St. Andrew's, consider how you would answer these three questions:

  • What is the most compelling aspect of St. Andrew's that resonates with you emotionally?
  • If family and school are the two biggest influencers on children's development, what is the most important contribution St. Andrew’s can make to a student's development by the time they reach middle school? What is the most important contribution by the time they graduate?
  • At 71 years, St. Andrew's is the oldest independent school in Mississippi, but in school years we are actually quite young – perhaps we are a young adult, still growing and developing. Over the next 3-5 years, how will we grow in a way that leaves you feeling we are developing appropriately?

Below are events that are included in this process. This page will be updated throughout the fall as details are finalized.

Board of Trustees
Through several board gatherings and a dedicated visioning session this fall, as well as in individual meetings, Head of School Tom Sheppard will have the opportunity to listen to the vision for St. Andrew’s from the board of trustees.
  • December 6: Board of trustees visioning session

Parent Coffees
Thanks to the generous support of our St. Andrew’s Parents’ Association, all parents have been invited to parent coffees to share their vision for St. Andrew’s.
  • August 23, 8:00 AM: 1st and 2nd grade parents
  • August 28, 8:00 AM: 3rd and 4th grade parents
  • August 29, 8:00 AM: Early childhood parents
  • September 5, 8:00 AM: 5th and 6th grade parents
  • September 6, 8:00 AM: 7th and 8th grade parents
  • September 24, 8:00 AM: Upper school parents

Student Listening Lunches
Over the course of the fall, Listening Lunches with upper school student leaders will focus on a variety of topics central to their educational experiences so that students can share their vision for St. Andrew’s with Head of School Tom Sheppard.
  • October 29
  • November 5
  • November 26

Alumni Listening Opportunities
Head of School Tom Sheppard will create several opportunities for alumni to share their vision for St. Andrew’s. In addition, Mr. Sheppard will be meeting with alumni individually both in the greater Jackson area and across the country during the course of his travels this fall.
  • September 24, 6:00 PM in the CPA lobby for current and former alumni board members 
  • December 22, 10:00 AM in the ARC lakeside lobby for all alumni

St. Andrew's Visioning Day – January 26, 2019
All Saints are invited – students, parents, faculty, staff, trustees, alumni, and parents of graduates.

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