A Vision for the Future

Strategic Objectives

St. Andrew's Strategic Objectives

In 2016 St. Andrew’s adopted five strategic pillars expressed below which are intended to guide the school’s strategic initiatives through 2021. During the 2018-19 school year, as we reach the half-way point of this five-year process, the St. Andrew’s community will undertake a collaborative process reaffirm, refine, and clarify the vision that guides these objectives and the initiatives which emerge from each objective and is currently expressed through our 2011 Vision Narrative and our Forward Saints campaign.

Strategic Objectives

Objective 1: Pursue Educational Excellence
Recognizing that educational excellence involves more than exceptional academics alone and that each student has unique gifts and talents, St. Andrew’s embraces a broader, holistic view of education encompassing other mission-specific elements, including moral and spiritual development, athletic and artistic pursuits, and service to others and a greater good. In an effort to meet each child where s/he is and help her or him reach full potential, St. Andrew’s is committed to challenging our students, to offering transformative and developmentally appropriate learning opportunities and contexts, and to hiring and supporting a caring, world-class faculty.

Objective 2: Grow and Stabilize Enrollment
As St. Andrew’s continues to meet the demands of a changing world, critical to the success of the institution is the continued stability of enrollment. By exploring marketing, financial aid, tuition and other strategies and by leveraging our new facilities, students will more easily be recruited and retained by the institution. As part of the enrollment strategy new partnerships both locally as well as in non-traditional areas will be explored.

Objective 3. Strengthen Financial Position
St. Andrew’s understands that key to the successful accomplishment of its mission is the financial strength of the institution. With continued fundraising, realization of enrollment goals, and the implementation of financial strategies associated with new construction, St. Andrew’s will position itself financially to serve better the students of today and build reserves for future needs. Also, by being better stewards of our existing resources we not only secure the financial health of the school, but we will live better into our mission.

Objective 4. Nurture a Diverse and Supportive Community
St. Andrew’s is a diverse community and derives much of its strength and character from that diversity. Through expanded opportunities for engagement for all our families, and ongoing efforts to seek regular input from every stakeholder, St. Andrew’s will continue to nurture a diverse community in the Episcopal tradition. With increased emphasis on differentiating instruction, balancing work and play, and honoring our traditions, we will strengthen our community—e school on two campuses.

Objective 5. Fulfill our Public Purpose
In an attempt to model the St. Andrew’s mission and serve our local community and the world, we will strive to advance education across the state, region, and country. To do that, we will utilize and expand our existing network of partnerships and relationships, offer facilities and expertise to our greater communities for mission-appropriate activities, and work to connect our diversity and inclusivity efforts with our larger public purpose.

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