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  • Art/Science

    Early Childhood students participate in art and science activities that stimulate their imaginations, foster fine motor development, and allow exploration of a variety of mediums. Students have the opportunity to draw, paint, and work with clay on a regular basis. Through art, children develop and demonstrate an understanding of scientific concepts.

    Color Unit
    During this unit, we talked about primary colors (red, blue and yellow) and secondary colors (green, orange and purple.) We read Little Blue and Little Yellow and then your children acted out the book by mixing yellow playdough and blue playdough to create green playdough. Your children then put their keen scientific minds to work mixing primary colored water to make all the secondary colors. We studied Heni Matisse and discussed his use of color in his works of art. Finally we wrapped up our color unit with a study of rainbows and observed the science of rainbows using prisms.

    Water Unit
    Using hands-on experiments with water and ice, we learned water can be a solid, a liquid or a gas. Early childhood students also studied components of the water cycle: evaporation, condensation and precipitation. The next time it rains be sure to ask your little scholar about the “fancy” word for rain. They might just shout PRECIPITATION! We also talked about the importance of water, as all living things need clean water. Our fine art component was a study of Walter Anderson's watercolors.
  • Music

    The preschool and Kindergarten music program includes singing, playing, moving, listening, and creating, all of which encourage students to recognize and respond to their own inherent musical natures. At this age profound enthusiasm for songs, dances, and musical stories is enhanced by hands-on involvement that builds confidence in their own ability to make music. The core curriculum of their music education is complemented with seasonal songs and weekly chapel selections.

    Thrilling Threes!
    Thrilling three year olds bring such enthusiasm to everything they do here at St. Andrew's. Music is experienced with their whole being at this age. Ask one of them to sing the "Good Morning Song" or the "Good Bye Song" or better yet, ask them to "yoo hoo"! We are moving together in random space and moving the same way at the same time, as well as developing small motor skills to steady beats.

    Fabulous Fours!
    Singing, dancing, moving...all to the beats that we hear...that is what fours are up to in music at St. Andrew's right now. Exploring how we can move (walk, run, hop, gallop, skip) and then practicing that movement, and then finally moving rhythymically to a steady beat, has kept us busy. Chapel songs that we sing each week allow us to feel a part of our larger lower school community. And when we have sung and sung, we show each other our best dancing!

    Fascinating Fives!
    Kindergarteners at St. Andrew's are so musical, and we tap into their inherent musical nature so freely expressed and embraced at this age. We are singing and signing "What A Wonderful World" as an outgrowth of their curriculum about themselves, their school and their community, all of which will culminate with a trip to the north campus and a sharing of this song at the upper school chapel service. Ask them to show you how we dance down the green squares, moving to the beat that we hear, whether classical, jazz, rock 'n roll or broadway.
  • World Languages

    Mandarin Chinese is introduced to Pre-K and Spanish is introduced to Kindergarten students. The world languages program provides children with an interactive learning environment in which they learn the languages in fun ways. The course focuses more on communication competence (listening and speaking skills) through visual and audio aids, which involve games, songs, and the use of technology (flip-camera, Mimio smart board, and iPads.)
  • Library Activities

    Students in PK3, PK4, and Kindergarten are exposed to a wide variety of authors and illustrators at an early age in the Lower School Library. PK and Kindergarten students visit the library once each week for story time. They also enjoy the Books and Bags Program. Through Books and Bags, students take home a different red book bag filled with 3 systematically chosen books each week, selected for families to enjoy together. By the end of the year, students have heard total of about 100 books in addition to stories read in the classroom and library!
  • Chapel Class

    Each week, classes meet in the Lower School classroom, adjacent to the Jean Jones-Downey Chapel for "Little Chapel" Class. Modeled after our weekly "Big Chapel" service held every Friday at 8:15 in the Lower School gym. Little Chapel is a chance for the individual classes to learn, discuss, and share in a communal environment. We are always full of music and song, color and laughter.

    The curriculum for grades PK3 through 1 is based on the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd: Level I. The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is an approach to the religious formation of children. It is rooted in the Bible, the liturgy of the Church, and the educational principles of Maria Montessori. Children gather in a room prepared for them, which contains simple yet beautiful materials they use to help them absorb the most essential proclamations of the Christian faith.
  • Fitness

    Pre-k and Kindergarten students participate in a fitness program called Stretch n Grow, which promotes wellness and exercise specifically for young children. The curriculum also incorporates topics including nutrition, muscle groups, balance, agility, coordination, and self-esteem.
  • Technology

    Pre-kindergarten students work with iPads in their classrooms as part of their regular curriculum. Kindergarten students are introduced to the Tech Lounge and its many actiivities early in the year. They work with our SMART Table, digital cameras, computers, iPads, and more to develop those introductory schills necessary to use technology equipment safely and successfully.

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