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Early Childhood Development


At St. Andrew's, we believe every child is a being of movement, cognition, language and spirituality. From birth to 4 years of age all children experience a profound period of growth that is considered a particularly sensitive time in their spiritual, social, emotional, physical and cognitive formation and oral language development.
Our Pre-K3 teachers are early childhood specialists who create classroom environments that are purposeful, developmentally appropriate for our youngest learners, and that foster natural curiosity and daily opportunities for discovery, wonder, joy and success. This special space includes concrete materials that inspire and guide daily instruction through multi-sensory play, movement, and hands-on learning! As the year continues, their classroom becomes a place of comfort and preparation for life where the children feel safe, confident and successful while coming together for the purpose of learning.

From the moment each child enters our Pre-K3 classrooms, each day is filled with literacy instruction that includes lively conversations, story telling, and an introduction to the alphabet letters visually and phonetically. We extend their introduction to each letter and sound by integrating a myriad of pre-writing acitivities and daily opportunities that expand their vocabulary and cultivate the joy of reading. They are introduced to a wide range of children's well-loved classic books and poems as well as some of the most acclaimed newest children's literature. One of the favorite activities is our St. Andrew's Reader's Theatre which allows each one to become part of the story we have just read by assuming the role of a character and together they retell the story in their own words.

Additionally, our youngest Saints are introduced to basic math skills that include fundamental mathematical concepts, touch-counting, graphing, problem solving and number recognition. In addition to literacy and math, Pre-K3 students also enjoy being introduced to Art and Science, Mandarin, Library, Music, Little Chapel, and Stretch-n-Grow throughout the week. Most importantly, we provide plenty of opportunities during early morning center time and on the playground for them to practice making friends, good choices, and how to take care of themselves, each other, and their space. We find that by the end of the Pre-K3 year together, our youngest learners have become good students and citizens who are cooperative, obedient, independent and have initiative and spontaneous self-discipline: the sum of which gives them and us profound joy!

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