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No less important than essential knowledge for the success of our graduates are transferable skills – both academic and “non-cognitive.” The specific skills prioritized by St. Andrew’s include the following:
  • Maintain personal wellness
  • Conduct oneself responsibly and in socially appropriate ways
  • Explore and experiment
  • Apply technologies appropriately
  • Work with others respectfully
  • Build community
  • Listen actively
  • Read critically for comprehension
  • Detect perspectives and biases
  • Interpret maps, charts, and art as visual texts
  • Recall, process, and apply information
  • Express ideas in a clear, organized manner
  • Vary modes of expression and dialect for different audiences and purposes
  • Create digital media
  • Understand and express ideas in a language other than English
  • Offer and receive critique respectfully and productively
Critical Thinking and Inquiry
  • Identify, prioritize, and frame complex problems
  • Formulate meaningful questions
  • Gather, analyze, interpret, and synthesize information
  • Consider and articulate multiple facets of an argument
  • Distinguish between reliable sources and unsound information
  • Reason quantitatively
  • Form opinions and make decisions based on reason and deliberation
  • Draw on different disciplines to creatively solve problems
Organization, Leadership, and Collaboration
  • Prioritize, coordinate, and execute tasks in a timely manner
  • Manage materials responsibly
  • Initiate new ideas
  • Support creative thinking and problem-solving
  • Engage others, delegate tasks, and share responsibilities
  • Facilitate group discussion and action

South Campus | PK-3 to Grade 4

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North Campus | Grades 5 to 12

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