Head of School

Dear Saints Community,

Thank you to all of the members of this community who continue to love and support this incredible institution that has educated and nurtured students for over 75 years and welcome to those new or exploring our community! I have felt the call to serve St. Andrew’s for almost twenty years now, and whether it be the joy of a three-year-old excited to start the day, the intellectual debate among faculty in the lunchroom, or a heartwarming sermon in Big Chapel, our community feeds my heart, mind, and spirit in countless ways every day. 

School should be a joyful place full of excitement, wonder, and challenge. St. Andrew’s has the deserved reputation of being an academic leader in our state and region, and we continue to support our growth in academic excellence through our educational programming at all divisions and through the signature programs offered by the school. Likewise, a balanced education is without a doubt instrumental in the fulfillment of the school’s responsibility of developing every child’s full potential. Opportunities for participation in the arts and athletics are key in developing the whole child while also strengthening our school community and spirit. 

I believe diversity within our community should be celebrated and inclusivity and equity expected. On a daily basis, our faculty have the responsibility of teaching our students to be kind to one another even in disagreement and “respect the dignity of every human being” — one of our most core values. As we all navigate areas of difference in beliefs and ideologies, I believe we are called, with God’s help, to be leaders in our community in our efforts to support, respect, and honor difference.

Our mission to support the spiritual growth of our students is key to our Episcopal identity. As is typical of an Episcopal school, only 20 percent of our students are Episcopalians. As we celebrate the diversity of the faith traditions of our families, we should also recognize new opportunities for spiritual formation and education with the opening of our new Chapel of St. Andrew the Apostle. Our exceptional clergy provide outstanding chapel programming, pastoral care, and service learning opportunities for our students.

Every voice deserves to be heard in our community, and I welcome hearing from you about how we can make St. Andrew’s even better. I am looking forward to the many ways we will partner on this journey together, and I ask for your prayers and grace along the way. I love St. Andrew’s and believe it is always a great day to be a Saint!

Kevin Lewis
Head of School
Foundations — Grade 12 • Jackson, Mississippi
South Campus | Infants to Grade 4
4120 Old Canton Road, Jackson, Mississippi 39216
North Campus | Grades 5 to 12
370 Old Agency Road, Ridgeland, Mississippi 39157