Student Life

Honor Code

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School believes that personal honor and integrity are essential for a productive and successful life.
On my honor as a St. Andrew’s student, I pledge that I will neither lie, nor cheat, nor steal.
Therefore, each St. Andrew’s student signs the Honor Book annually, pledging to not lie, cheat, or steal. Students are taught at every level the importance of honesty and trust in their daily lives.
The St. Andrew’s community prides itself on the mutual trust and respect among and between students and staff members; that trust is made possible through the Honor Code. The code permits freedoms in the school community while encouraging students to accept responsibility for their own actions, and the success of the Honor Code is contingent upon its support by the student body. While middle and upper school students sign the code individually pledging to refrain from lying, cheating, and stealing, they are encouraged to support the code by reporting any code violations they may observe.
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