Tuition and Fees


Tuition may be paid in full by March 31 (or with contract) whichever comes first, for the upcoming school year for a two percent (2%) savings, or on a semester plan (payments due August 1 and January 1), or on a 10-month plan (payments due July 1 through April 1). No interest is charged on the semester plan. Payments for the 10-month plan include interest.

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  • One-Time Enrollment Deposit

    Enrollment: One-time $500 enrollment deposit and signed contract are due per student within 10 business days of the contract offer date. Enrollment deposit is refundable based on contract terms. If you require additional time to return your fee or to consider your enrollment offer, please speak with an Admission staff member. 

    Re-enrollment: Contracts should be returned before the due date listed, which is most commonly Friday, January 29, 2021: A signed contract is due per student. No enrollment deposit is due for re-enrolling students.
  • 2021-22 Tuition and Fees

    Grade LevelTuitionConsolidated Fee
    Pre-Kindergarten Half-Day (3- and 4-year-old)
    Pre-K (3-year-old) Full-Day$11,140$425
    Pre-K (4-year-old) and Kindergarten Full-Day
    Grades 1-4$18,180$425
    Grades 5-8$19,630$480
    Grades 9-12$20,640$400
  • Payment Plans

    Grade*Pre-Payment Plan**Semester Plan***10-Month Plan
    Pre-K Half-Day$8,725.60$4,447.50$910.24
    Pre-K3 Full-Day$11,342.20$5,782.50$1,183.75
    Pre-K4 & Kindergarten$15,076.00$7,687.50$1,574.10
    Grades 1-4$18,241.40$9,302.50$1,905.00
    Grades 5-8$19,717.40$10,055.00$2,059.00
    Grades 9-12$20,627.20$10,520.00$2,154.50
    Due DatesMarch 31, 2021
    August 1, 2021
    & January 1, 2022
    5th Day of Month
    Start: July 5, 2021
    End: April 5, 2022

    *PRE-PAYMENT PLAN: Total tuition and fees minus 2% discount of tuition is equal to the balance due. Payment is due in full by March 31, 2021.

    **SEMESTER PLAN: Total tuition and fees, divided by two, is equal to the balance due. No interest is charged for those who pay on the semester plan.

    ***TEN-MONTH BANK DRAFT PLAN: Total tuition and fees, plus interest, is equal to the balance due. Interest is calculated at an annual rate of no more than 6.5% of the unpaid tuition balance. Completed bank draft authorization and cancelled check must accompany enrollment contract.
  • Extended Day and After School Care Fees

    Pre-K3 through 8th Grade After School Care until 4:30 – $165 per month September through May*
    Pre-K3 through 4th Grade After School Care until 5:45 – $230 per month September through May*
    5th Grade through 8th Grade After School Care until 6:00 – $230 per month September through May*

    * No charge for August ASC and half price for December ASC if you enroll in an ASC plan for the entire school year.
  • Tuition Insurance

    Families have the opportunity to enroll in a Tuition Refund Plan that may relieve your financial obligation to the school should you need to leave the school once contracts bind on April 1, 2021. Families are encouraged to read the plan details to understand the circumstances under which they may be eligible for relief from their contractual obligations on this explanatory brochure. Please pay careful attention to the requirements and limitations of the policy. Premiums for the plan will be billed separately, and all payments for premiums are due in full before school begins.
    Families who fail to pay the premium by the due date will be deemed ineligible for tuition insurance, and any unpaid charges will be removed and partial payments refunded to families within 30 days.
    The cost of tuition insurance per year is 3% of full tuition for your student’s grade level. A family’s financial aid award plays no role in the cost of tuition insurance. Premium costs for the 2021-22 school year are as follows:
    Grade LevelPremium Cost
    Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 Half-Day$254.10
    Pre-K3 Full-Day$334.20
    Pre-K4 and Kindergarten Full-Day$448.50
    Grades 1-4$545.40
    Grades 5-8$588.90
    Grades 9-12$619.20

Financial Assistance

St. Andrew’s is proud to serve more than 30% of its students with need and merit based tuition support and financial aid awards on an annual basis. We encourage all families to apply to determine need. New applicant families and current St. Andrew’s families in kindergarten through 12th grade may apply for financial assistance based on family need. Learn more.

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