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  • What takes place in a Foundations day for my child?

    Prior to a child’s start in the Foundations program, specific classroom schedules will be shared and reviewed with parents. Parents can expect plenty of time for educational engagement and stimulating interactions during the school day. Students have opportunities for morning and afternoon outdoor interactive playtime, including our infants. Our infants have individualized diapering and feeding schedules. Our toddler meals and snacks are served family-style with children engaged in conversation. We also work on toilet training when developmentally appropriate. Nap time is a very important part of the day for Foundations students of all ages.
  • How does Foundations differ from a daycare program?

    Foundations is designed to be the beginning of a child’s educational journey. The program is not just about quality child-care to meet the needs of today’s parents. With a focus on the brain development of each child, Foundations helps ensure students are on track to meet or exceed developmental milestones in all areas and will work with parents to ensure success for all. In the event that a child needs additional support in specific areas, this need is identified and ameliorated quickly by Foundations staff during a time when a child’s brain is most elastic. As part of the larger St. Andrew’s culture and community, Foundations also embraces each individual child and family.
  • What time is drop off and pick up? Is there flexibility on arrival and departure times?

    The earliest drop-off time is 7:30 am and the latest pick-up time is 5:30 pm. Yes, there is flexibility on arrival and departure times. 
  • How old does my child need to be for the different levels of the Foundations program?

    The Foundations program is designed for infants who are at least 6-8 weeks of age, (and who have also received required, age-appropriate immunizations), through three years of age and has six leveled classrooms based on age as well as development. Foundations allows for a seamless transition to our Pre-K3 program. 
  • If my child enrolls as a 2 year old, does he/she have to reapply to the Pre-K3 program?

    No, Foundations 2 year old level is designed to transition into the already existing St. Andrew’s Pre-K3 program. There will be an internal readiness assessment process, but families of Pre-K2 students do not need to formally submit an application to PK3. Students have to turn 3 by August of the Pre-K3 year.
  • What communication can I expect from the school if my child is enrolled in Foundations?

    Foundations is the beginning of a wonderful educational journey at St. Andrew’s, and families can expect detailed and frequent communications just as with older grades. Head of Lower School Dr. Shea Egger sends a weekly communication to all Foundations’ parents. Individual classroom teachers share information directly with parents using various platforms such as email and Seesaw. Parents can expect daily individualized communication specific to their child from the classroom teacher.

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