Early Childhood

Celebrating wonder + nurturing know-how

The Early Childhood years are a period of profound and joyful growth. Our expert teachers tend to children's social, emotional, physical, cognitive, linguistic, and spiritual development, shaping enthusiastic learners and thoughtful human beings.

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  • rooted in experience + ready to investigate

    St. Andrew's multisensory program fills you child's days with wonder. Our sun-splashed classrooms hum with excited conversation, purposeful concentration, and amazing artistry as children explore their inner and outer worlds together. Joining with others to make new discoveries everyday, your child sees education as serious and fun, essential and delightful. In these formative years, they learn to ask big questions and solve complex problems setting them up for lifelong success.
  • rooted in compassion + ready to help

    Our Christian tradition inspires us to teach and model kindness and respect above all. Throughout the day, we create formal and informal opportunities for children to practice caring for themselves, each other, and their spaces. Immersed in this actively caring environment, your child emerges eager and able to work with others and serve their communities, a central element of our Episcopal curriculum, and a critical skill set in a complex world.
  • rooted in well-being + ready to blossom

    To us, ensuring the physical and emotional health of every child is a moral value. It's also the key to successful learning. We offer extensive support services to every student and family, including nursing care, pastoral care, and counseling because everyone needs a lift sometimes. As they grow up knowing they are safe, healthy and loved, your child thrives as a confident learner, resilient problem-solver, and joyful citizen. They seek out challenges and overcome setbacks, increasingly taking charge of their education and their lives.

Program Overview

In our state-of-the-art Early Childhood Center, expert educators nurture your child's academic, personal, and spiritual growth. Our developmentally calibrated, multisensory curriculum makes learning fun and challenging, so your child steps eagerly and confidently into Lower School.

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  • Literacy

    Our multifaceted curriculum builds literacy and language skills through a range of daily activities and approaches, including lively conversations and storytelling, lessons in phonics and vocabulary, guided and independent reading, and stepwise pre-writing activities.
  • Numeracy

    Every day, our youngest students learn and practice basic math skills such as fundamental mathematical concepts, touch-counting, graphing, problem-solving, and number recognition. As they move from Pre-K through Kindergarten, they deepen their understanding of topics like temperature, money, time, word problems, and more.
  • Co-Curriculars

    Throughout the week, students enjoy foundational lessons in art, science, Spanish, libraries, and music. They grow spiritually through Little Chapel, and develop good health and habits through Stretch-n-Grow. Field trips and guest speakers reinforce classroom concepts and expand our students' vision of the wider world.
  • Spiritual Growth

    In Early Childhood, students begin learning the connections between our Episcopal tradition and serving our community. In addition to weekly Big Chapel services, children participate in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd curriculum.
  • Responsive Classroom Methodology

    This highly regarded, evidence-based approach creates a safe and joyful learning atmosphere for students and teachers alike. The key goals of Responsive Classroom include:

    • Developing awareness and practice of emotional regulation
    • Becoming responsible for personal belongings and contributing to classroom community through daily jobs
    • Respecting personal boundaries and safely interacting with peers throughout the day
    • Developing an understanding of compromise and conflict resolution
  • Support Services

    The Student Support Services Department is here for your child and for you. We use a holistic approach to address our community's varied academic, physical, social/emotional, and spiritual needs.
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