Sparking curiosity + jump-starting success

Studies prove that the earlier children's education begins, the greater their achievements down the road. St. Andrew's one-of-a-kind Foundations program fuels a life of joyful, rewarding learning.

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  • rooted in science + ready to learn

    Led by experts in the intellectual and emotional growth of infants and toddlers, our research-based curriculum stimulates brain development to build essential social, emotional, and learning skills at an early age. Through close personal attention and engaging back-and-forth interactions, your child's natural curiosity and unique personality blossom, preparing them for a life of wondrous discovery and meaningful accomplishment.
  • rooted in kindness + ready to share

    Our Episcopal ethos calls us to welcome families of all faiths and cultures. From children's earliest years onward, we approach our similarities and differences with compassion curiosity because we all have so much to learn from each other. Immersed in our intentionally diverse community, children grow up learning, playing, and making friends with classmates from many different backgrounds. In the crucial formative years, these experiences prepare your child to thrive in a complex, ever-changing world.
  • rooted in love + ready to grow

    At every age, children learn best when they feel safe, known, and truly loved. As we embark on your child's educational journey together, we foster a warm, nurturing community and offer extensive support services for your child and family. By attending to each child's social, emotional, and physical well-being, we do more than prepare them for academic success. Just as important, we help them grow into confident, caring, well-grounded and genuinely happy young people.

Program Overview

From their very first weeks and years, Foundations roots children in our safe welcoming, energizing learning community. Your child emerges ready for our Early Childhood program and all the marvelous discoveries that await.
Foundations is a full-year, full-day program, running from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday. The program is specifically designed for ages six weeks through three years. Placement is based on age as well as development.

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  • Community and Support

    St. Andrew's welcomes families of all faiths and backgrounds to take part in our vibrant community life. Join us for chapel, cheer on our Saints athletes, take in an amazing play, and get involved with SAPA, our enthusiastic parents' association. As a member of our school family, you also have full access to our professional support staff, including counselors, chaplains and other professionals.
  • Health, Safety, and Staffing

    Foundations is overseen by the Mississippi State Department of Health ad maintains or exceeds all MSDH health, safety, and staffing quality standards.


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  • Infant

    (6 weeks - 12 months)
    Teacher:child ratio: 1:5 | Maximum class size: 10
    Our teachers promote and support positive social-emotional development with our youngest Saints by establishing trusting, nurturing relationships. Research shows that as children develop trust, they begin to understand that the world around them is safe, reliable, and responsive to their needs. Our babies are then free to explore and advance in their environment as they form positive relationships with friends and loving teachers.
  • Pre-K1

    (12 months - 24 months)
    Teacher:child ratio: 1:7 | Maximum class size: 14
    Young children have the ability to notice and recognize the melody of a song and different sounds long before they are able to recognize words. Dancing and moving to music, our toddlers experience the sounds and rhythm of language during music classes, reciting nursery rhymes, with fingerplays, enjoying books, and listening to stories that enrich their imaginations. The intentional language experiences we provide have a profound influence on our toddlers learning and development.
  • Pre-K2

    (24 months - 36 months)
    Teacher:child ratio: 1:7 | Maximum class size: 14
    Children develop cognitively when they are presented with opportunities and experiences to investigate the world around them, interact with others, and play. Our research-based curriculum encourages students to be curious and explore like scientists. They fine tune their way of thinking about the world around them during pretend play or become eager investigators who try their ideas, observe what happens, and draw conclusions.
Foundations — Grade 12 • Jackson, Mississippi
South Campus | Infants to Grade 4
4120 Old Canton Road, Jackson, Mississippi 39216
North Campus | Grades 5 to 12
370 Old Agency Road, Ridgeland, Mississippi 39157