Middle School

Developing Self-knowledge + Defining Ambitions

Middle School is a time of intellectual, emotional, social, and physical transformation. We attend to every aspect of the journey into and through the early teen years sharpening remarkably adept and mature young learners and people.
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  • rooted in balance + ready to advance

    As part of their growing self-knowledge, your child recognizes the importance of their own emotional and physical well-being as an end itself, and a key to academic success. Supported by our entire school family, your child asks for help when they need it while warmly extending a hand to others. Your child moves into their teenage years and young adulthood well prepared to take good care of themselves and their communities. Responsible and empowered, they learn enthusiastically and serve effectively. Equally important, they know how to live a healthy and happy life.
  • rooted in challenge + ready to excel

    Our Middle School curriculum immerses your child in hands-on exploration, sophisticated research, and active presentation. Your child also meets regularly with a faculty advisor who helps them uncover interests, enhance talents, and overcome obstacles. Your child steps forth from Middle School genuinely excited by their own wondrous possibilities. Having achieved more than they may have thought possible, they begin defining their own educational goals—and making them happen.
  • rooted in insight + ready to emerge

    To ensure students can navigate the changes they're experiencing, we weave social, emotional, and spiritual learning throughout the curriculum. Saints Skills, Circle Up, and other programs help your child make good choices and good friends. Self-aware and empathetic, your child strives to grow from success and failure alike. Knowing who they are and what they can do, they take on leadership roles in the classroom, campus live, and the wider community.

Program Overview

Our intensive Middle School curriculum reflects our belief in our students and inspires them to believe in themselves. They emerge from 8th grade primed and energized for Upper School, college, and beyond.

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  • English

    In English, your child builds sophisticated literary analysis and critical thinking techniques while mastering skills in grammar, vocabulary, and composition. Through a wide range of creative and analytical writing forms, your child shapes their own voice while learning to communicate effectively.
  • History

    Our broad and deep program reveals the connections between past and present, among cultures around the world and our own. Your child builds college-preparatory research skills as they explore the larger contexts of events, examine original documents, and organize and share complex ideas.
  • Math

    By weaving concepts, skills, processes, attitudes, and metacognition into the problem-solving process, we build your child's mathematical confidence and capability. Courses range from Pre-algebra, through Algebra I and II, with honors options including geometry.
  • Science

    Our inquiry-based approach develops expertise and curiosity together. In fully equipped, age-appropriate labs, your child asks questions, conducts research, and presents findings in earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, and engineering.
  • Languages

    In Middle School, your child can increase their cultural and cognitive agility by studying Spanish, French, and/or Latin. Our approach develops high-level comprehension and expression, readying your child for Upper school and for study and service abroad.
  • The Arts

    St. Andrew's extensive program lets your child explore and excel in the visual arts, drama, and instrumental and choral music. Learning advanced techniques from expert artists, musicians and performers, your child discovers new perspectives and possibilities for themselves and the world.
  • Fitness

    The Middle School fitness program promotes healthy habits, individual accountability, and teamwork. Students learn the fundamentals of running and stretching and participate in games including floor hockey, dodgeball, basketball relays, kickball, and wiffle ball.
  • Spiritual Growth

    Participating in Chapel and serving our communities, your child engages our Episcopal values while exploring and deepening their own personal faith. In their coursework they discuss creation stories, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and other traditions.
  • Support Services

    St. Andrew's strives to create a learning environment that empowers every learner to reach their educational potential. When academic and/or emotional challenges arise, we collaborate with parents, colleagues, and outside professionals to design personalized strategies for each child.
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