Upper School

Deepening Expertise + Expanding Awareness

Rooted in our renowned college preparatory program, St. Andrew's students are ready to thoughtfully choose and happily excel in their next steps.

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  • rooted in mastery + ready to lead

    Our college-preparatory curriculum includes an impressive array of honors and AP classes, exciting seminars on cutting-edge subjects, and significant research and career-exploration opportunities. As they consider their goals for college, career, and life beyond, we challenge our students to keep reaching higher - and provide the support they need to achieve their aspirations. Your child graduates with a lifelong dedication to learning, committed to truth, honesty, and integrity in every endeavor.
  • rooted in teamwork + ready to contribute

    St. Andrew's Upper School students hone their interpersonal and teamwork skills through real-world, hands-on experience in college-level coursework, career-focused internships, and meaningful service. Our graduates are exceptionally eager to meet new challenges and make new friends, knowing they're well equipped to learn, work, play, and make positive change wherever their talents and interests lead.
  • rooted in resourcefulness + ready to thrive

    Our Episcopal faith inspires us to weave emotional, social, and spiritual growth throughout the curriculum. Our compassionate culture extends to every student and family, not only during their years with us, but after they graduate and throughout their lives. St. Andrew’s students know their values and act upon them. They speak up for themselves and step up for others, approaching college and life beyond with kindness, insight, ingenuity, and courage.
    • A Different Kind of Education in the Upper School

Program Overview

Our Upper School's advanced and wide-ranging offerings give your child a significant advantage, wherever their ambitions take them.

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  • Athletics

    Named Best All-Around Sports program in our class and Mississippi's best overall high school athletics program, St. Andrew's shapes champions. At the same time, we help students at all skill levels build confidence, sportsmanship, and healthy habits.
  • English

    Upper Schoolers learn to express themselves clearly, correctly, persuasively, and imaginatively. We offer challenging AP and Honors courses and exciting seminars on African American Literature, Global Voices, Jane Austen, and much more.
  • Fine Arts

    From sculpture to theater, dance to debate, jazz to journalism, and beyond, St. Andrew's arts programs let students explore and master an impressive range of media and techniques, and earn AP credit, too.
  • Math

    The Upper School's intensive math curriculum prepares students for the challenges of college, career, and life. We offer Algebra through AP Calculus, with Honors options and more advanced courses through our online networks. 
  • Science

    Our curriculum offers extensive AP and Honors options, delving deeply into biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, and beyond. It's no wonder our graduates excel in scientific and medical professions.
  • World and Classical Languages

    An essential element of St. Andrew's global focus, our Upper School language offerings include Mandarin, French, Spanish, German, and Italian, as well as ancient Greek and Latin, with many AP options.
  • History

    Upper Schoolers prepare for the future by understanding the past and present in a global context. Advanced, Honors, and AP courses such as U.S. and world history, ethics, government, and world religions foster insight and perspective.
  • Advanced Online Courses

    Through the Malone Schools Online Network and the Global Online Academy, our students can study advanced subjects such as bioethics, advanced mathematics, and Arabic with educators and students from around the nation and world.
  • Service Learning

    Upper Schoolers eagerly develop and lead programs to create change locally and globally. Recent projects have ranged from helping build a library in Nepal, to constructing houses in Mississippi, to performing humanitarian work in Cuba.
  • Clark Institute for Advanced Studies

    The Clark Institute for Advanced Studies gives our students a leg up and helps them stand out. The ASPIRE Programs offer guided career exploration and meaningful internships, while the Bower INSTAR Program provides experience in original scientific research.
  • Support Services

    Because students learn best when they're emotionally and physically healthy, we offer professional support services at every division level. Learning facilitators, school counselors, registered nurses, chaplains, and other professionals provide on-site care and referrals.
  • College Counseling

    St. Andrew's personalized program is a key reason our graduates thrive in top colleges throughout Mississippi and the nation. Step-by-step and on-on-one, we help students find the best possible match for their interests, talents, and values.
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