Graphic Design in Communications and Business

Instructor: Emmi Sprayberry
Grade Levels: 10th - 12th
Tuition: $475
Materials: ADOBE suite
Prerequisite: Graphic Design 1 or extensive familiarity with ADOBE suite
This course provides students with a continued understanding of the processes and systems common to careers in Graphic Design, Print, Advertising, Marketing, and more. This class incorporates local business, and community client-driven projects, which calls for students to think analytically and problem-solving real-world projects. Emphasis is placed on continuing to strengthen design concepts, spatial reasoning, effective design composition, professional client communication, evaluation of design (your work and others) for an audience, and meaning and effectiveness of designs while continuing to develop a professional portfolio to showcase their continued learning. Students will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, the possibility to visit local industry vendors, and explore interest in possible careers in the Design Industry. Software training includes advanced techniques in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.
Foundations — Grade 12 • Jackson, Mississippi
South Campus | Infants to Grade 4
4120 Old Canton Road, Jackson, Mississippi 39216
North Campus | Grades 5 to 12
370 Old Agency Road, Ridgeland, Mississippi 39157