Saints Participate in Academies at Global Training Institute

On Monday, February 24, twenty-five St. Andrew’s students participated in the first of eight mini-science academies at the Global Training Institute in Canton. The students heard from owner, Dr. Christopher B. Powe, about what the institute does, watched a short tutorial on how to suture a wound, and spent 1+ hours practicing the suture technique on a real, severed human foot. The students were also able to watch Dr. Powe dissect one of the feet.
Participants were Jack Brown, Lleyton Carr, Audrey Funkhouser, Jo'vette Hawkins, Forrest Hutchison, Walter Johnson, Sameer Khan, Lizzie Lee, Vinson Lu, Jason Murphy, Mary Elizabeth Needham, Toni Oluwatade, Jeeya Sharma, Jason Wang, John Mychal Warren, Phoebe Xu, Caleb Young, Meredith Boles, Olivia Huckabay, Aaron Cooper, Jonathan Buckley, Osose Ewaleifoh, Ella Bennett, Aubrey Ward, and Carol Rappai.
These academies are made possible through a grant from the Mississippi State Board of Nursing Office of Nursing Workforce with the purpose of encouraging and motivating students to consider careers in nursing and the medical professions.

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